We’re Not Impressed With CAN Over Silence On Killings, Kidnapping In Nigeria- USA Base Dr Chuks  Ikeh 

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Yakubu Busari

The founder of Glory Chapel, Church International ,Dr Chuks Ikeh  has expressed sadness ,as he said ,we’re  not impress  with the manner Christian Association Of Nigeria, CAN, can  no longer speaking toward protecting the lives of brethren, they rather concentrate more on materialism which had blind them complete  from telling the world the truth about the  killings,kidnapping and land grabbing of their members  going on across the country.


In an interview with our correspondent at the headquarters of glory Chapel, Bukuru, Jos South LGA  of Plateau State on Tuesday, Dr Ikeh condemned the killings going on Nigeria,saying ,we are  calling on the church leaders to speak  to world with one voice.


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According to him, CAN, to me, ” it’s quite unfortunate that I don’t want to destroy the body of Christian but iam worried about the business of materialism, they emphasize more on materialism, government now  induced them with money to shut their mouth”.


He frowned that ,” I was surprise that after the butchering of CAN Chairman in Adamawa state, the Northern CAN went to pray for the protection of  President Muhammadu Buhari ,when they are killing Christian, we don’t expect them to behave in that manner rather send a serious warning over the consequences of shedding innocent blood by his kinsmen ”


They would have tell the truth that the church is not happy with the activities going on, or   place God curse on the killer herders masquerading in the name of religion but isn’t what we are seeing, CAN leadership showing they are toothless dogs, so they  need to stand and defense their faith,he added.


Dr Ikeh condemned completely where CAN members are desperately seeking  for elective position within them  going on  campaign against one another going to win position of authority just to get  money inducement to be buying expensive cars and exotic jets and building houses at the expense of the body of Christ.


He said the autocratic  leadership of pharaohs cutting off the heads of 14,000 Christian  children in Egypt because he was afraid of them coming to take over power from leading   to the massacre of church leaders is what happening now in Nigeria and the CAN remain silent to the  treatment  on their fellow brethren.


He employed the church to rise up to the challenges of killings, kidnapping, land grabbing and destruction of lives, properties and churches by religion estreemist for political and economic growth.

Dr Chuks Okeh explained further that, our Annual Convention TITTLED SUPERNATURAL EXPLOSION 2020, taken from Acts 12 : 10-11, was organized as an annual event to create revival in the souls of worshipers and devotees of the Christian faith.


This program normally hosts a guest speaker who preaches, teaches and conducts a detailed exposition of the chosen theme.

We had the honour of hosting  this year, Dr Raymond AKAMS, an Italian resident of Ghana origin.

The program was very successful and rich in content. Attendees where sensitized on  the current events in the church based on what transpired in the early church. Acts 12 : 1-12

The need to avoid remaining silent and the dangers of doing so in the face of  persecution and killings of church leaders. Rather than co-operate with Herod and celebrate the killing and annihilation of church leaders and saints, we should wake up to our responsibilities in prayers and neccesary action.

The convention ended with celebrations of songs and everyone in attendance was treated with a sumptuous lunch.


The speaker has long flown back to his  base, while members and participants are expected to start the application of what they were taught

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