Was Admiral Murtala Nyako A Liability To APC? By Ahmad Sajoh

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Our attention has been drawn to an interview granted Vanguard Newspaper by our respected National Vice Chairman North East of the All progressives Congress (APC) Engineer B. D. Lawal who claimed Nyako was a Liability to the APC. This is rather unfortunate and regrettable. While we acknowledge the fact that he appreciated Nyako for his continued support for the Party, We take serious exception to his unwarranted tirade against the respected Admiral simply because he feels the man is no longer in power.
Admiral Murtala Nyako’s entry into the APC was the biggest factor that entrenched the APC in Adamawa State. It must be acknowledged that as at today majority of the foot soldiers who are fighting to ensure the success of the APC at the grassroots are Nyako supporters. One expected all our  respected party leaders to appreciate the massive investment, goodwill and sacrifices made by Admiral Nyako in building the Party in the State rather take advantage of his absence from Government House Yola to make such uncharitable statement about him.
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We also urge Party leaders within the APC fold to work towards uniting the memberships rather creating unnecessary and unwarranted divisions in order to gain relevance within the Media space. Murtala Nyako is indeed a huge asset to the APC and will remain so no matter the number of negative statements made against him by anyone in Adamawa or in Abuja.
We equally wish to assure our teeming supporters that no matter who is fielded by the PDP or any other party in any election in Adamawa State, an APC candidate will emerge victorious. This is the reason why despite our objection to the illegality of the forceful removal of Governor Nyako and our belief that the Judiciary will surely upturn the illegality, We still contend that our Party the APC should participate in the process of the October elections so as to prove to the world that our movement to the APC was justified and our contributions to making it the winning party in Adamawa State is undoubtful.
Ahmad Sajoh,  mnipr

Director, Press and Publicity, Murtala Nyako Publicity Office

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