EXPOSED: Details Of The Ebola Virus Doctor Which The Government Hides By Fejiro Oliver

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Barely a week after the Nigerian Minister of Health, Mr Onyebuchi Chukwu declared that Nigeria now has only one remaining case of Ebola in the country came the shocker that the Liberian, Dr Patrick Sawyer also infected another Nigerian medical doctor.
As characterized by the government known for hiding of sensitive information from the masses, investigations carried out by us revealed that the ‘unknown dead doctor’ is no other person but Dr. Sam Ikechukwu Enemuo, popularly called Iyke who owns the Sam Steel Clinic on East-West Road, Rumuokoro. Speaking with us in the cause of the investigation, our source stated that Dr Iyke first brought in the Diplomat, whom we gathered entered his hospital with him, where he began to treat him personally.
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When it became clear to him that he was being suspected by his workers, he secretly moved him to a hotel alongside his medical file which is yet to be seen. He however fell ill on Tuesday after carrying out an operation on a middle aged woman on Monday. His sickness got worse when he started vomiting blood with diarrhea before he was rushed to a private clinic called Prime, which rejected him.
His wife who is also a doctor with a 3 month old baby decided to take him to Good Heart Hospital on Evo Road in GRA Phase 2, PH, owned by a consultant cardiologist with the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH). Dr Iyke was taken to a scan center where a comprehensive scan was carried out on him. The scan center is being kept secret from the public by the government, but we gathered that it is also owned by the same cardiologist who treated him, though the centre has been quarantined and shut down by the government.
Iyke who is a graduate of UNN we also gathered refused to divulge any information of the diplomat to his wife, but we can report that the diplomat is also a Liberian. The government has taken him to a place to monitor, but our source stated that he is already infected and may die of the virus. Most of the medical workers in the city are already putting ptressure on the government to release the name of the diplomat, whose file was hidden by the deceased doctor.
Iyke who was sick visited many hospitals in PH in search of cure, with many believing that he has infected over 300 unknown people with the virus already. According to our source, government refusal to reveal the diplomat identity is that he has immunity.

Among many others infected by Iyke is his wife who has been taken to a quarantine centre by the government.

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