Re: The Unguarded Political Utterances Of UPU Leadership By Chief Olori Magege: An Insult Gone Too Far!

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The Urhobo Media Group, UMG, a body of Urhobo indigenes that are committed to the socio-economic advancement of Urhobo Ethnic Nation through Strategic Sensitization, Re-orientation/Awareness Creation, Mass Mobilization and Intensive Advocacy, considers it expedient to formally react to the above actually UNGUARDED, UNFORTUNATE and PROVOCATIVE PUBLICATION by Chief Olori Magege, published in the Vanguard Newspaper of Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at page 29, which ordinarily, we would have loved to ignore for the sake of the mourning currently being mourned by all spirited Urhobos across the world following the demise of our President General, Olorogun (Major Gen) Patrick Aziza, (rtd).
UMG considers the action of Chief Olori Magege as the greatest of all insults and extreme internal affront to be orchestrated by any full-blooded Urhobo Man in recent times and coming at such critical time in the lives of the Urhobo People who are mourning; it is unimaginable for an Urhobo to contemplate such magnitude of impudence and public war against his own people. It is even more appalling that such disdainful act is coming from a supposed Urhobo Man that is holding a political office on the ticket of the Urhobo Ethnic Nationality and who, of course, is also supposed to be mourning if he were really an Urhobo Man.
As a well-grounded group, the UMG wish to state without fear or favour and unequivocally too, that Chief Olori Magege is not a man that ranks among the category of Forceful Politicians either in his Agbarho Community and Urhobo, not to talk of Delta State at large, which makes him lack the political sagacity and pedigree to speak authoritatively for and on behalf of the Urhobo People in any capacity. For the avoidance of doubt, we need to emphasis that the so-called Delta Central Political Movement he claims to be leading is a newspaper forum which have no credible person on ground as members – else, he should do well to show us the names of his Executives, Coordinators at the various Local Governments, Kingdoms and Wards/Communities of Urhobo including list of members because any political group that is claiming to be working for the interests of an ethnic nationality must not only parade an array of credibly visible personalities but have even spread and a good network through which it mobilizes for the actualization of its agenda and support for any candidate of its choice.
Again, we wish to state unequivocally, that both Chief Olori Magege and his brief-case Delta Central Political Movement are many miles away from reality as far as Delta State and in fact, Urhobo politics are concerned, hence he is day-dreaming and swimming in the ocean of illusion in his misadventure of purported mobilization for an aspirant who both lack the ability to convince his ethnic nationality to present him as governorship choice, not to talk of being Delta State Governor.
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Of course, Chief Olori Magege said it all, when he rightly agreed in his publication that: “I was not invited to and therefore not part of Oviwamuge Declaration”. The truth here is that every IIMPORTANT PERSONALITY/POLITICIAN OF REPUTE AND CREDIBILITY in Urhobo Land were not only invited but duly attended the said Ovwiamuge meeting save for those that were out of the Country at the time, which explicitly explains beyond reasonable doubts that Chief Olori Magege is not, have not and does not count in decision making as far as Urhobo Nation is concerned. And if that be the case, we need not over flog the point that whoever Olori Magege claims to be mobilizing for under the guise of Urhobo, is already on the isolated lane.
When the Urhobo Media Group, UMG, also convened what was the largest gathering of Political Pressure/Interest Groups, Associations and Forums in Urhobo Land on June 26, 2014 at the Ughelli Local Government Hall, Ughelli, the Olori Magege’s Delta Central Political Movement was not invited and the reason is not far from the fact that his is non-existent because a forum that only parades a National Chairman without recognizable structures and members cannot be called a group but rather an individual.
Perhaps, it might not be out of place for us to brief Chief Olori Magege, since he appears not to be in the know, that the Urhobo Governorship quest has gone farther than he is imagining hence his illusive mind is deceiving him to the extent that making such unguarded statements against the leadership of the UPU in the social media or pages of newspapers could make any difference in the circumstances. Without a thousand Olori Mageges in Urhobo land, the Urhobo dream 2015 will still be achieved.
We will not fail to state that we are vehemently opposed to the abuse of the leadership of the Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, by anybody no matter how highly placed and be it Urhobo or Non-Urhobos, because we are convinced beyond doubts that the likes of Chief Olori Magege can never be trusted with the peoples mandate to ascend such reputable offices of leadership in Urhobo land, especially as it is more difficult to win a UPU election than to win political party election, not to talk of very cheap appointments like that of cleaning dust-bins and human wastes which Olori Magege has been appointed to do.
The truth is that Chief Olori Magege needs to be relieved of his appointment now because he has since abandoned the legitimate task of ensuring that the state is kept clean to assume that of a mouthy politicking that will do the state no good. To say that the Delta state Waste Management Board which he presently head has failed woefully is an understatement, because for the very first time in the history of Delta State, Deltans now live in the midst of heaps of filths and wastes littering every available space including the middle of township roads and markets. We remember with a sense of pride when the likes of Hon. Chief Paulinus Akpeki and Hon. Austin Ogbaburhon were in charge of that same arm of the government – Delta ranked among the cleanest states in Nigeria but today, reverse is the case. Unfortunately, this is happening at a time His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan is singing the chorus of ‘finishing strong’. Will the dirt and filth now littering our towns be a legacy to be left behind?
We are of the opinion that Chief Olori Magege ought to bury his head in shame for his woeful actions because if he does not know, we will do well to inform him that even his pay masters must be laughing at him presently for being such a miserable apostle of doom against his own people because even those beating the drums for him to dance naked in the market are not only commiserating with the Urhobo Ethnic Nation but have indicated interests to join Urhobo in the seven-day period of mourning declared by the Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, so where is his integrity as an Urhobo Man?
Let us on a final note, inform Chief Olori Magege that his voyage of doom against the Urhobo Ethnic Nation shall both be paid for in his lifetime, by himself and even after his death, by his offsprings, because no sin against Urhobo land shall go unpunished.
President, UMG

Secretary, UMG

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