Corruption Exposed: Adamawa Acting Gov Ahmadu Fintiri Stealing State Blind To Remain In Office

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  • Awards N6.8b Contracts To Cronies Without Tender

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With less than four weeks in office as acting governor of Adamawa state, Hon. Ahmadu Fintiri is already stealing the state blind, awarding contracts worth billions of naira to his cronies without following due process in a desperate bid to raise enough money to fight his way to remain in office, online news media reports.
Fintiri who became acting governor after spearheading the impeachment of Governor Murtala Nyako has before now pushed the proposal for his continued stay in office beyond the three months stipulated by the constitution but when that proposal failed to scale through, he declared his interest in contesting the bye-election scheduled for October 11. Since declaring his interest in the contest, a move that may lead to a constitutional problem, Fintiri has gone on a stealing spree to the point of emptying all known bank accounts of the state under the cover of awarding contracts in a desperate bid to raise funds which he has been spending to bribe his way through various PDP structures at the state and national levels of the party. gathered that with less than four weeks in office, Fintiri has awarded a N4.3 billion road contract and another N2.5 billion solar streets light contract to his cronies who have been diverting the funds for him. Sources in Fintiri’s government confirmed that the huge contracts were awarded without advertisements or tender as required by the Public Procurement Act. This is in addition to the N300 million he spent to buy Prado jeeps for local government chairman within his first two weeks in office.
In another deft move to perpetuate himself  in office, Fintiri has appointed nine commissioners and 50 special advisers while he has announced that he will appoint chairmen and members into all the state’s boards and parastatals in addition to appointing hundreds of senior special assistants and special assistants in the coming days. All efforts to speak with the itching finger acting governor have remained futile as he has refused to pick several calls to his mobile phone or reply text messages on the stealing spree which has already been generating tension among citizens who are now regretting supporting Fintiri to oust Nyako.


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