Politicians From PDM, APC And Defunct CPC Realign To Merge Into African Democratic Congress, ADC

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A section of PDM, defunct CPC, APC and top political associates of some of the leading presidential candidates from the North may have realigned and chosen the African Democratic Congress, ADC as its new political party. They also plan to adopt one of the frontline Presidential Candidates for the forthcoming presidential elections in 2015. The arrangement further plans to adopt the choice of one or two governorship candidates perceived to be its own under the platform of other political parties.   
Further inquiries revealed that meetings have been going on between the leadership of ADC and the representatives of the sections of the various political parties and individuals involved in the merger arrangement. Another meeting has been scheduled to hold in Kaduna next week. Top most in its agenda is the harmonization of the party’s NEC with the fusion of members from the new entrants, after which the merger may be officially consumated.
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At the end of its meeting recently, held at an undisclosed location in Abuja, the group agreed that the National Working Committee of ADC, as it is presently constituted, would be reconstituted to accommodate the new members so that the party can truly wear a national look and most importantly be acceptable to all. Members of the negotiating team, who also are very prominent in the campaign organizations of General Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Rabiu Kwakwanso of Kano State respectively, are said to may be working very hard as to ensure that the re-invigorated emerging party would adopt their candidate. There is also speculation that doors of whom to adopt may not be limited to Buhari and Kwakwanso but also to President Goodluck Jonathan, as criteria for whom to support would certainly be based on merit when the time comes.
The new emerging party is expected to fill in the gap, having realized that it was a miscalculation to have played into the hands of the fifth columnists by allowing the dissolution of the CPC without a sincere and realistic alternative.  The negotiation is championed by frontline politicians from mostly the North West and North East. 
When contacted, the national chairman of ADC, Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu confirmed the ongoing discussions and reiterated that politics is all about alignment and re-alignment. “I want to assure you that the ADC would come out stronger as a party of tomorrow which would be consolidated on the bases of sound and constructive ideology that will help to reshape the country for good”, Chief Nwosu insisted.
He maintained that the issue of who to adopt for the 2015 presidential election is not part of the agenda for the negotiation neither was it the responsibility of an individual to decide on the matter. He maintained that as a political party with its organ of administration fully in place, it was the duty of the National Working Committee to do so at the appropriate time if need be.
On his part, the pioneer National Publicity Secretary of the defunct CPC and former spokesperson for Gen Buhari, Chief Dennis Aghanya, who is a leading member of the negotiating personalities, confirmed that the ongoing merger talk is yielding fruitful results which may also lead to healing of the cracks that emerged in the days of trial times in the CPC. “In politics there is no permanent enemy or friend but a permanent interest”, he maintained.
On why he did not defect with Senator Rufai Hanga, the pioneer National Chairman of the defunct CPC, to the PDP, Chief Aghanya stated that, “Hanga is a friend and a father but that does not imply that he determines my political decisions just the way I do not determine his own decision as a son”.
When further asked if he is ready to assist General Buhari to achieve his 2015 presidential ambition, Chief Aghanya said that, “General Buhari was the one who brought me into politics in 2003 with my colleagues from the South East. He has ever remained my political role model while I disagree with him on some fundamental issues. Moreover, we are not in the same party now except faith brings us today”.
A leading member of the negotiating team who would not want his name mentioned because he was not permitted to speak to the press told this correspondent that the realignment into ADC is aimed at correcting the imbalance in the political equation, especially as it concerns what becomes the political arrangement after 2015 general elections. He maintained that as a good politician one needs to plan ahead of time.     
National Treasurer
African Democratic Congress (ADC)

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