Okey Wali’s Abduction: Our State Of Insecurity Calls For A Serious Concern – CACOL

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We, of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, wish to condemn, in the strongest term, the reported abduction of the immediate past President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA Mr. Okey Wali by yet- to -be- identified persons. The news, we want to say, came as a rude shock as we are still unable to conjecture any basis for this heinous but yet inexplicable act.
It is worthy to note that the spate of kidnapping and abduction in this nation is increasingly becoming worrisome and alarming. The Federal Government needs to be more committed to its constitutional responsibility of providing welfare and security thereby protecting the lives of Nigerians.
This scenario is yet another reminder of the state of insecurity in which all Nigerians lives. The increase in poverty that brought about poor standard of living among Nigerians, high-rate of unemployment among our youths, etc. are all factors contributing to insecurity in Nigeria. Looking at the yearly budgets voted for security, one will wonder why Nigerians still face such security challenges.
It becomes very sad and unfortunate seeing the rather frightening dimension the spate of insecurity in our nation has assumed in the recent time. The abduction of the person of Chief Okey Wali, a peaceable gentleman, apolitical professional and advocate for respect and reverence for constitutionality and justice, has undoubtedly opened another disturbing trend in our troubled situation as a nation. This is why we are calling on the Nigerian Bar Association, in conjunction with other relevant bodies, to begin to synergize with other governmental and non-governmental bodies to secure, without delay, the immediate release of Mr. Wali in particular and curtail this criminal scourge that is fast becoming a ready tool in the hands of these terrorists.
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Whilst we commiserate with Okey Wali’s family, colleagues and associates on this unfortunate incident, we would want to seize this opportunity to call on governments at all levels to put to use necessary machinery to curb this barbaric trend, if only to justify the huge amounts of money being allocated to them as security votes.

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