Nasarawa State Students Accuse Executive Secretary Nasarawa State Scholarship Board Of Lack Of Transparency, Accountability And Leadership Qualities

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Rabiu Omaku

The leadership of the National body of the Nasarawa State Students Association has accused the executive secretary of the Nasarawa State Scholarship Board, Suleiman Abdulwahab of manipulating data and figures during and after disbursement exercise.

The students union said the executive secretary is employing corruptible tactics to divert bursary allowance meant for students.

NASSA expressed dismay over the callous act of the secretary Nasarawa State Scholarship Board, the national body in its findings according to the petition unveiled that the sum of N100,000,000.00 was released by the state government.

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It further uncovered that a total number of 7,805 were screened including disable students but the board secretary disbursed only

1,240 Automated Teller Machine card (ATM cards) which NASSA maintained that is equivalent to a whooping N16, 500,000.00.

NASSA findings according revealed that cards still awaiting are 6,565 which is equivalent to 63,500,000.00 are in the custody of the executive secretary.

NASSA also accuses the executive secretary, Suleiman Abdulwahab antics is the printing of phantom names with different figures with the total number of cards to be disbursed, stating an instance with the Federal Polytechnic ,Nasarawa where a list containing three hundred and seventy two students.

The 372 resulting to the shortage of one hundred and fifty cards and this is tantamount to N1,500,000.00,adding is just from the list of Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa.

The students union said the body uncovers the corruptible method in which the Scholarship Board secretary connived with sky banks to deduct the N500 from each beneficiary in the name of false new Central Bank Policy.

Other allegations leveled against the executive secretary also were the hijack of the constitutional 5% remittance due to the national body for his selfish and greedy reason.

The students union expressed dismay over the delay in remitting batch A bursary allowance.

The national body also accused the secretary of intentional delay in submitting the report to the state governor.

NASSA accused the executive secretary of the Scholarship Board for lack of authentic record of beneficiaries.

The students union further called on the state governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura to checkmate the financial aggrandizement by the executive secretary of the Nasarawa State Scholarship Board.

The secretary, Suleiman Abdulwahab in an interaction with our reporter refuted all the allegations leveled against, saying he has submitted the report of the last exercise to the chief executive for further action,

“We had been waiting patiently for the release of fund by the state; it is only this that would aid the disbursement exercise.

“On the N4m remittance it was inherited by their predecessors who are the immediate past executive of NASSA”.

” They wrote to the Governor, copied to the Deputy governor ,education commissioner ,DSS all on the issue ,thank God I was exonerated at the end of the exercise but we are looking forward to nip the hiccups by the bud”.

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