Nasarawa Deputy Governor Defies APC, Says I Have No Regret Over My By Utterances By Rabiu Doma,

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  • Deputy Governor Says I Strongly Opposed The APC’s Decision

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The embattled Deputy Governor of Nasarawa state, Dameshi Luka Barau has open the can of worms surrounding his suspension from the All Progressives Congress, Nasarawa state wing.
The beleaguered Deputy Governor in a press briefing confided that is not aware of the suspension, Adding that he remain a member of the ruling APC in the state.
“I have no regret for my utterances, what I’m trying to do is to placed the interest of the nation above party interest”.
I strongly opposed the idea of majority of APC lawmakers blocking 2014 budget at the national Assembly, The issue of nation interest should be given due consideration more than party issues.”

Barau when asked whether there was any plan to decamp to the PDP in spite of series of meetings held with heavyweight of the PDP, The Deputy Governor asserted that he still remains in APC.
“Why crossing the bridge before coming to it, when time come you will know my position, said the Deputy Governor”.
The embattled Deputy was accused of involvement in anti-party activities, The exigencies between Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura and his Deputy, Dameshi Luka Barau started when the Governor accused his Deputy of maneuvering an impeachment process against him.
The internal wrangling induce the Deputy Governor to distance his duty post  for over one week, Fresh fact divulge that the cordial relationship that exist between the Governor and his Deputy turn sour subsequent to the appointment of  the Deputy Governor’s arch-political rival, Stanley Buba as the interim chairman of the APC.
The crisis between the Deputy Governor and Stanley Buba  has been existing for long, Buba and Dameshi held from Akwanga Local Government, The enmity started far back 2008 when Dameshi Luka vie for chairmanship seat under the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP)  against his opponent, Stanley Buba who vie for the same position under the platform of the PDP.
Feelers reveal that the current Deputy Governor (ANPP) won with a landslide victory against his opponent of the PDP (Stanley Buba) but the PDP announced the verdict of the election in favor of Stanley Buba the current interim chairman of the APC.
In a press briefing organized by APC Concerned members under the leadership of Hon.Nathaniel Isa Nathaniel condemn the suspension of the Deputy Governor as baseless.
“The accusation that Dameshi Luka contradicts the position of APC is absurd and devoid of rational reasoning if the APC directed her legislators at the National Assembly to block the 2014 budget because they are in majority at the lower chamber and the APC in our state is enthusiastic about that, one might wish to ask”.
“How many members does APC have in the NSHA should the PDP who controlled the Assembly direct her members to block the state budget that is before the state Assembly whose interest was majority”.
Waziri Kibo, The chairman of Andaha ward, The electoral ward of the number two citizen when contacted at Ningo, debunk that no letter was copy to them in respect of the suspension, He described the suspension as a total flaw and diversion from reality.
The Deputy Governor is still a card carrying member of the party the same thing implies to his supporters.
He further said,”i personally went to precious F.m to counter the suspension after i had the pronouncement, He stated.

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