Maku Heads To Tribunal

2 13
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Following due consultations with critical stakeholders and the teeming supporters of the All Progressives’ Grand Alliance (APGA) in Nasarawa State, we wish to notify the general public that the governorship candidate of APGA in Nasarawa State, Mr. Labaran Maku has filed a petition before the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal to challenge the outcome of the April 11, 2015 governorship election.
This is predicated on the facts that Tanko Al-Makura should not have been returned as elected Governor of Nasarawa State based on flawed election, which was characterized by massive fraud, inflation of votes, ballot box snatching, vote allocation, thumb-printing in several Local govt Areas, thuggery, intimidation, unwarranted cancellations of votes, over-voting, among others
Mr. Maku has chosen to follow the due process of the law to retrieve the stolen mandate freely given to him by the people of Nasarawa State and to equally invalidate the sham that took place in Nasarawa State on 11 April 2015 in the guise of election.
We are confident that Mr. Maku did not lose the governorship election in Nasarawa State. In fact he indeed won the election by a wide margin but for the conspiracy and collusion between INEC, the police, the military and the APC government of Al-Makura, which led to criminal and large-scale rigging of the vote to impose Tanko Al-Makura on the people of Nasarawa State.
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What took place in Nasarawa State on 11th April, 2015 cannot withstand any judicial scrutiny and does not qualify to be called an election. It was rather an imposition through electoral coup executed by the INEC and Tanko Al-Makura to deliberately foist an unpopular regime on the people of the state.
We have garnered sufficient evidences across the 13 local government areas, which are enough reasons to cause the judiciary to nullify the charade called election and return Mr. Maku as the duly elected governor of Nasarawa State.
From available evidences, everywhere the figures were cooked up and fraudulently allocated to Al-Makura and announced by the partisan INEC in Nasarawa State.
We have utmost confidence in the capacity of our judicial system to sieve the facts from fiction and overturn the declaration of Al-Makura as the governor of Nasarawa State.
We appeal to our teeming supporters to remain calm as the judicial proceedings commence to ensure that justice, freedom and liberty are attained for all our people regardless of ethnic, religious and social inclinations.
The votes of the people of Nasarawa State will surely count this time around!
Barr. Edego Zakari
Director of Media/Publicity

Maku’s Campaign Organisation.
  1. Sani says

    Haba Jama’a yoy said “the mandate freely given to you by the Nasarawas” but you end up contradicting yourself by saying “the sham the took place in Nasarawa in the name of election” now my question is that: Which statement you want the judge to believe ;Is it the election that took place or the sham? Because if you say ” mandate freely given to you” means you have agreed that election took place. On the contradictory: If you said sham means therewas no election that you were given the mandate then?

  2. embugushiki monday ali says

    APGA. No sheking by the name of GOOD we will wing the pitition

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