How Kwalla Natives ,Emir Of Wase And Govt Planned The Massacre To Eliminate My People In Wase Says Ponzhi Taroh By Yakubu Busari,Jos

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The details of Wase genocide   how the Kwalla and Emir   conspired to massacre the Taroh Native over land ownership in Wase Local Government Area .
Wase town is about 95 km away from the state capital border in  north of the  Wase LG headquarters is Kanam and ,west is Langtang North , Langtang south and east Taraba state with a population of estimate of 138,000 people .
The people are predominantly farmers ,  Fishermen,animals husbandry  and businessmen .
The Taroh natives are mostly braved with polygamous in nature live inter-married  with Jukun, Boggwom ,Jha’ar and Bashar people .
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It was gathered that the 18 years of communal crises has took a new dimension and the two group gang up to hired soldiers from Taraba state and few soldiers from 3rd Armoured Division to carried out the  onslaught killing any moving objects were the people are predominantly the local Taroh  native that  occupied the said land.
The well plan massacre arranged with top government officials in Plateau state and the neighboring states left many innocent people deaths and in 1998 the joint conspiracy raids took place  that displaced many of the indigents to Langtang  .
One of the Taroh Red caps chief in Kadarko whose compound and that of his family were completely raised down  spoke with our correspondent explained that the drama began early this year when some seven Taroh youth went for fishing expedition in a River Kurmi neighboring Taraba when a group of heavily armed Kwalla Muslim youth attacked them and killed them all.
But one of them regained back his consciousness and came  home and narrated the ordeal to him on how they were being killed .
He furnished the people with the details of how the Kwalla people attack them ,few weeks later they went on reprisal revenge to the community .
Our correspondent gathered the Kwalla native sue the cooperation of their Muslims brotherhood in Wase through the power of  3rd Div to come killed any moving thing living there.
The Ponzhi Lot Nden also accused the government of Plateau state for the mayhem appeal to President -elect to  ensure the perpetrators of this dastardly act are brought to book most especially those handling the affairs of the state.
Nden accused the Army for allowing the Armours tankers inside Wase and Mavo to be safeguarding the Muslims dominated area while their Christians counterparts are without any security apparatus to protect them and their children.
According to him, the Muslim will go and launched attack on them then run back to take shells from the deployed army guarding their towns .
He expressed worried that the government that are supposed to protect lives and property of its citizens are now attacking killing innocent civilians .
He pointed out that after calling on the youth leaders to summon his able men to gathered around the Ponzhi palace , they were group  in one place  suddenly the heard sporadic gun shoots advancing toward them before they could make any movement the hired army started shooting everyone including women and children were not spear .
Some of the Muslims  who were so excited ran to Wase town to spread the gospel that the whole people nobody survive the massacred .

It was a total disrespect to human sanctity butchery little children and women like Abattoir all the places were littered with human flesh and bloodbath of innocent people.

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