College Of Education Akwanga Teaching Practice Consumes Over N20 Million For Supervision, Facilities-Dean Of Education

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Rabiu Omaku

The Management of College of Education Akwanga, Nasarawa State has said that students Teaching Practice would gulp over N20 million.

Dean of Education said the money was meant to facilitate supervision of students on Teaching Practice.

Jonathan Thani, in an interview, disclosed this in an interview with newsmen in Akwanga Local Government Area of the state.

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The Dean of Education said teaching practice is a mandatory exercise with six unit course and remains one of an essential aspect of academic activity in the college.

He added that students participate in this exercise from September every year to March the preceding year in Primary and Secondary Schools across the state.

He explained that in the past because the number of students was not much the college only spends about N10 million, but the money rises up this year due to increase in the number.

“Apart from this money which only takes care of the allowances of the supervisors, the college also provides booklet and stationaries.

“The money for the TP which is N2000 per every student is usually build up in the fees because it is not a free exercise.

“But because of the increased in the number this year from about 2000 to 5000, the management in due consultation with the student representatives asks the students to pay extra N3000, he added.

Thani was reacting over the reported cases that the College was compelling Teaching Practice students to pay additional charges of N3000.

“The paucity of funds to finance Teaching Practice which was compulsory for every student foists the College to reduce the number of T. P from ten to six”.

The Provost of the College, Rebecca Isaac Umaru said if supervisors were to go out 10 times during the TP exercise, it would cost them over N40 million.

She added that even with the extra pay from the students the management still augments in addition to the support from  TETFUND to ensure the smooth running of TP exercise.

She maintained that monthly allocation of N108 million is not enough to pay full salaries of staff every month.

“We have to source for over N4million every month to augment the monthly subvention to enable us to pay full salaries of staff,” the Provost added.

She lauded the state governor Umaru Al-Makura for supporting the institution with infrastructures amongst others to enable it to produce world-class graduates.

The headship of the College, therefore, said that, though the governor has done a lot to them as an institution, like ‘Oliver Twist’ the college is asking for more.

The Provost decried the nonchalant attitude of students towards payment of school fees, saying a majority of students defaulted in payment of fees, attributing it to a serious impediment affecting the Internally Generated Revenue of the institution.

Dr. Rebbeca Umar expressed dissatisfaction over defaulting students, adding vast of the students only develop an interest in paying school fees after graduation.

The headship of the College also identify paucity of funds as a major constraint affecting the supervision of Teaching Practice which she averred is compulsory for every student.

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