Benue Anti-Grazing Law: Any Attempt To Impound Cattle Would Be Resisted-Miyetti Allah Tells Governor Ortom

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Rabiu Omaku

The Zonal chairman of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Danladi Ciroma said any attempt to impound their cattle with the implementation of Open Grazing law would be resisted.

The Zonal chairman called on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency wades into the new law which would deny Fulani herdsmen from plying Benue State which is the only linked route from North to Southern Nigeria.

He stated this during a press conference held at Dunoma Plaza in the heart of Lafia, Ciroma said if the anti-grazing law is allowed to see the light of the day without any interference from the Federal Government Fulani herders stand the risk of arrest, humiliation and all sorts treatments in the soil Of Benue state.

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“Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association would be maliciously arrested, intimidation with the new law”.

“Miyetti Allah appeal to Federal Government to intervene so as to avert a breach of public peace”.

He said the law was implemented without due consultation with the Fulani’s.

“Fulani herdsmen were not educated on the modern method of rearing cattle so that when provision for ranching is being made the government would take into consideration the total numbers of cattle in the state.

“Due to lack of consultation, our people lack the technical know how to conduct cattle ranging, because even if we accept to practice it, we lack the needed expertise.

“We do not know the grass we need to grow and how it is grown, where to get it and how to preserve it for the cattle,” he added.

He explained that countries like Kenya that have successfully implemented the ranging, spend over five years educating the herdsmen and provided facilities before it was implemented.

He added apart from those who are the direct beneficiaries of ranches, animal’s health experts need to be trained and Clinics, Abattoirs among other were supposed to be provided.

He faulted the steps taken to implement the law without taking into consideration the welfare of the Fulani’s and their cattle.

He, therefore, called on the Federal Government, the National Assembly, and the International communities to urgently intervene and prevail on the Benue State governor to reconsider the law for peace and unity in the area.

Nasarawa State Chairman of the group Mohammed Hussaini said the implementation of the law in Benue has led to massive influx of Fulani’s and their cattle to Nasarawa State, saying no provision was made for migrating herders to Nasarawa State.

He said the influx if not urgently check would create skirmishes that would degenerate to a nationwide clash.

“Already Fulani’s from Benue have entered Nasarawa border towns with millions of cattle, a situation that if not urgently check and address can lead to clashes between them and farmers in those areas”.

Hussaini explained that the situation is so bad that the influx can lead to the destruction of farm products because of the large numbers of cattle involved.

He, therefore, called on the relevant authorities to intervene in order to curtail any avoidable crisis in the border towns.

He warned pastoralist

Nasarawa State Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO) Idrisu Kennedy, says steps have been taken because tension is already high in the border towns, he said.

The PPRO said the Police, state government, traditional rulers and other security agencies have made and steps were being taken to avert any breakdown of law and order in the state.

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