ASUU And FG: Birds Of The Same Feather?!!!/ Muhammad Sulaiman Abdullahi

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Against whom are we to set our faces? Who are we to confront? The government that is ruling and ruining us, or the ASUU, who teaches and cheats us? Please read and understand me very well. How I wish all the Professors and PhDs, and all these so called elites will see what I am referring to.  ASUU should stop the strike. How on earth do you think, a blind can see, or a deaf can hear! This is ridiculous! If you agree with me that, a blind cannot see, and a deaf cannot hear, then, can you force the former to see, or the latter to hear? It can never be possible! How can you expect any goodness from bad? How do you expect the rotten and undemocratic government, a merciless, heartless, visionless, clueless government, to satisfy your needs? How do you think they will meet your demands? Please ASSU, stop conniving with these ruthless and useless people, stop the strike. We tell you the bitter truth, because we love you!

Let me ask ASSU, whose demand is met in Nigeria? At lease in their own case, theirs is even better than that of majority of Nigerians. Can I say, because there are no good roads, I will not go out for my daily businesses? Can I say because there is no tap water, I won’t drink from a well? Must I expect this government to provide everything for me before I continue my life?
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ASSU, is it not your members that announced the end result of the rigging that brought Jonathan Badluck to power? Was it not the PhDs and Professors, headed by Prof Jega that announced Jonathan to be the winner? Then why are you crying and going on strike? A Hausa adage goes; “whoever buys sewer/cesspit knows it will drop water! I watched one so called professor, shaking and shivering while announcing the rigged results of his state’s elections. How on earth a professor, a PhD holder can shiver while addressing people on election result if there is no any anomaly in it?
During the time of election, all the professors didn’t show any resentment to what happened, in fact, they were the once employed by Jega to act as state coalition officers, who announced the end result of what they know was a rigging. They didn’t resent it, they were blinded by the huge amount of money given to them by Jega and the federal government. Now they are crying, telling us the strike is a last resort because Jonathan denied them their rights! Do you think Jonathan knows anything like fulfillment of a promise?
Now that professor Ruqayya is back, one of you, may also be the next minister. Why are you becoming part of a government that you know is corrupt? Are you now telling me that you were waiting for the education minister, who is one of you – to tell you that, they could not meet your demands? ASSU, you have to know that you are only adding salt to the wounds. You are not helping matters. You didn’t choose or support justice, how do you expect to see it? You portray yourself as selfish, you show greediness, and you prefer idleness! What do you expect the poor illiterate Nigerians to do? The poor Nigerians are subjected to much harsher treatment than what you find yourself in, at least some of your needs are met. You have salaries, not an ordinary one, but something that is relatively and averagely good. You have allowances, you have clinics, you have libraries, you have computers and internet connections. You have a lot of privileges. Above all you are respected by most of the Nigerians, then why should you bother yourself about the evils of the politicians? You are stooping too low.
I don’t know whether you are paid to embark on this senseless journey, how you expect this to yield a fruitful result? Let assume it does, how can you compensate the days you wasted, and the students you cheated and cheated! Enough of this rubbish! I file all the blame on you, because I think you are a little better than the leadership of the country, but if all of you are birds of the same feather, then you have to let us know.
ASSU we are tired of this childs play! Most of the time we hear you, is STRIKE. Whenever we hear or read your name on papers, it should be a STRIKE, don’t you have anything better. In Nigeria, another synonym of ASUU is strike!
With all the academic and intellectual packages that you are boasting of, you don’t know how to handle the deteriorating issue of university education in Nigeria, except by going on strike, don’t you have any stamina to win the battle. If you are trying to destroy the whole system, just let us know, we will all burn the books and become boko……..! Tom! We will all burn the books and go back to farm, it will even be better for us. Finally now, the vampires told you, they can’t meet your demands, what should we expect from you. Strike continues, till 2015, 2019, 2100, or strike till eternity?
My advice to you is, don’t make strike to be the last resort. I suggest that, in place of strike, let you call any member of an academic cycle that is serving the government to come back. Let you boycott the whole system, and tell them, you will not participate in a corrupt government, where an ordinary academic demand is not met. ASSU, we love you more than how we love the president, simply because we know you are more credible that him. That is why we are telling you this bitter truth. You have to tell the presidency, that all your members will, from now onward, not be allowed to participate in such a cruel government that neither knows the value of education, nor fulfill its promises, as would serve and comfort its citizens. However to our dismay, you are the first people who abandon their jobs to become part of the corruption whenever you are invited, and you are now telling us they are corrupt. Then who is corrupt? Who is ASSU and who is the federal government? ASSU, you have to stop the strike!

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