We are still Not Developed at 55 –Ex-council boss

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Yakubu Wuyep

We-are-Nigerians-Amalgamation-DocumentaryThe former Local Government Council Chairman of Bassa Hon David Racha, has berated the All Progressive Congress (APC),  for not  adhering  to the rule of law.

Racha stated this while in an audience with our correspondent, he also said as a united country, the constitution of Nigeria should be upheld, as the custodian of the people.

According to him, “if APC is talking of change and the rule of law, they should make sure that the dissolution of elected officials of the local government chairmen   who are duly elected by the electorates is condemnable and unconstitutional”.

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“You would recall that Governor Hon. Simon Lalong dissolved the 17 LG Council Chairmen on allegations of corruption and misappropriation of public funds and directed the Directors of Personnel Management (DPM) to take charge..

The chairmen challenged the decision in court and injunction to  stop  the governor from sacking them instituted yet he went ahead with his decision.

However Hon. Racha said it is a collective struggle for all Nigerians to stop impunity such as this from happening in a democratic setting.”Let there be an equivocal statement that this has happened and was reversed and never again shall it ever happen in the history of this country”, he stressed.

He said they are in court to reclaim their mandate and not only that but to also ensure that steps are taking to forestall such from happening again, saying that if these steps are not taking, one day, the president or governor will wake up and dissolve the National Assembly or the State House of Assembly.

Racha agreed that even at 55 Nigeria can still make mistakes, but he advised the ruling party to take advantage of our diversity, because in it, lies our strength rather than dwelling in those things that will brake us apart.

He stressed that the word ‘change’ is ambiguous and can be used by any politician who wants to win the votes of the people.

In his words “change should begging with us. If we want change, then we should play our part in the change that we want to see. It is not something you enforce on people. The APC would have explained to the people that we have to change and not that we will bring change. If they had told Nigerians that they have to change, them people would have asked themselves if they are willing to change. The APC is being economical with the truth because if they come out now to tell people that they have to change, they will be buying trouble because that is not what they promise Nigerians. Now they are telling us that change will not happen in a day, whoever said that change was going to happen in a day”, he said.


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