Buhari’s Fight Against Corruption Will Redeem The Image Of Nigeria-Rev. Dali

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Yakubu Busari

The-Rev.-Samuel-Dante-Dali-president-Chuch-of-the-Brethren-in-Nigeria.-Morning-Star-NewsThe President of the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria, Ekklesiyar Ya’anuwa a najiriya(EYN) Reverend Samuel Dante Dali said that the all out fight against corruption and entrenchment of rule of law embarked upon by President Buhari is a welcome development in redeeming the battered image of Nigeria in the face of international communities.

Reverend Samuel Dali said, the image of Nigeria abroad on his return trip from Europe and America he lamented that Nigeria’s image in the international community is so bad.

The clergy stated that the international community sees Nigeria as a nation whose citizens are terribly religiously fanatical and politically corrupt because of constant political and religious conflicts and intolerance.

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He also said that Nigerians are seen as drug peddlers, internet fraudsters and its citizens are highly insecure far more than citizens of other nations in the world over.

According to the clergy, because of these vices, Nigeria citizens are often subjected to unwholesome embarrassment at international boarders and airports.

On the gay marriage, Reverend Dali stated that, the response of President Buhari in America on the position of Nigeria on Gay was not a surprise to the western world because they know that Nigeria is a cultured and religiously uncompromised nation, however, the president has clearly told them what the position of Nigeria on the issue is.

The EYN church president who later took an assessment tour of all his church facilities which were totally destroyed and vandalise by the act of the insurgency in the North East said that hope is gradually returning to those who survived as they are gradually returning to their homes.

He maintained that even as some of them are returning home, they have no hope of having a comfortable life again because they have neither house, money nor farm produce to fall back on. But they are prayerful with hope that the insurgency will be over and the federal government will come to their aid by rebuilding their lost houses.

He lamented that besides his church members that were killed and displaced, all the church facilities in the entire North East have been totally destroyed, hence, the church headquarters has been relocated to Jos.

He said,” I do hope that President Buhari has known about our members and church’s predicaments and he will one day remember us.”

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