SHE FORUM AFRICA: Redefining Feminism in an Emerging World

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Premium Logic, a Public Relations and Strategy Consultancy, will under its Friendraiser Community, debut the maiden edition of “SHE FORUM AFRICA”, a conference that will bring together women from all generations across Africa to identify persisting gender issues hindering the growth and stifling the productivity of women in local communities.

The event which will hold in Abuja-Nigeria on Tuesday November 25, 2014, is expected to help redefine and articulate new and current gender priorities and map out contemporary strategies of addressing them.
“SHE FORUM AFRICA” will cultivate a strengthened network of emerging voices for the effective representation of Women’s issues across decision-making platforms, as well as come up with a communique that would be sent to relevant stakeholders for onward implementation.
The conference comes at a time when Nigeria is preparing towards its general election which begins early 2015, with agitations for at least 35% representation of women in all elective positions; thus, topics for discussion will focus on Democracy, Leadership & Governance.
The convener of the forum, Inimfon Etuk, who is the Managing Director of Premium Logic, said if there was ever a time when the wisdom and resilience of women was needed to address persisting development issues especially as they affect women in Africa, it is now.
“We are pulling the stops in engaging our extensive network to bring together leading women voices and civil society, encourage collective problem solving and also identify potential public and private partners in making the Forum a success. We are starting small, but we have a vision that is larger than life!” said Etuk.
“At the end of SHE Forum Africa, the Forum through the Friendraiser Community will issue a “Call To Action” on the need for a shared sense of urgency and resolve by all women (and the men) to ensure Government institutes & implements effective policies that will rid women of prevailing economic bondage with priority focus on those at the grassroots,” she noted.
According to Etuk, “SHE Forum Africa” will be hosted annually by the Friendraiser Community and identified Partners.
Through the SHE Alliance partnership programme, SHE FORUM AFRICA provides mutually beneficial opportunities for banking, hospitality, travel and other organizations who are seeking to achieve partnership whilst demonstrating social responsibility.  SHE FORUM AFRICA provides the perfect opportunity to spark shifts in our continent’s value systems as they impact women across developmental spheres.
For Individuals, the SHE Alliance provides a platform for actively participating in SHE FORUM AFRICA; through volunteer advocacy work, web blogging, subscriptions, amongst others.

Invitation is therefore open to interested individuals and groups to partner with us in supporting the growth, active and sustainable participation of women in development processes.

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