President Jonathan, PDP Chairman At Variance On Defected Governors, Others

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President Goodluck Jonathan and the Chairman of the Peoples Democrtaic Party, Adamu Muazu yesterday in Minna during a PDP rally were at variance on the position of the party on the governors and other members that left the party to the PDP.
While President is of the view that that those who defected from the party cannot again be trusted and as such are not needed in the party, the Chairman Adamu Muazu insists that the door of the party is open for the defected governors and other members of the party.

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Speaking at the Unity rally of the PDP, the President said; “If my people say you change your colour like chameleon, it means you cannot be trusted; they said they are progressive.
“I believe all of you here from Niger who have river like me will know how to paddle canoe. When you paddle canoe you move forward; and some of them who were in PDP for 14 years and they held several offices now that it remains two years they moved out, they are retrogressive,” President Jonathan said.
Speaking further he said; “they were a problem to us; PDP will progress more and maintain our dominance now that they have left the party and we will move faster and better”.
According to him, he added that the party members need not to be intimidated those who use the media, as he added  that the PDP remained one party that has not changed its logo, vision, colours since inception, and PDP would continue to remain stronger without the defected governors.
Meanwhile Adamu Muazu, in a different tone said; “PDP is Nigeria and Nigeria is PDP; there is no shaking we will continue to grow stronger.”
According to him; “our party does not believe in automatic ticket. If you want the ticket go to the people. PDP is a party of the people, by the people and for the people”.
In his own speech, Governor Aliyu said; “God in his mercy has already decided on 2015; when people thought you were not going to be president, you became president. Your days in PDP have not finished.”

While David Mark also added that the recent defection of the Nasarawa State deputy governor to the PDP is an indication, that the all the political big wigs in the north-central are in PDP and doubted if any opposition party can have hold of the north-central. “When we say yes in north-central, you can go to sleep,” he said.

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