Nigeria Police,”B” Division, Plateau, DPO Commended For Prompt Action On Civil And Criminal Cases

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Yakubu Busari

To reduce crimes and criminalities  in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State and its environs the Nigeria Police,”B” Division, Plateau, DPO Peace Ugwueke has been commended for his proactive measure taken in crime-fighting .


Ugwueke intervening in a tenancy dispute between Chief Chijoke and Prof, Mrs. Akaiye over a property situated at No 21 Rwang Pam street in Jos North LGA.


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Counsel to the plaintiff, Barr Thomas M. Ochigbo told journalists that his client, Chief Achi Chijoke is a tenant to Prof Mrs. Ajakaiye were he occupied two of her shops and one the shop was forcefully taken away from his client chief Achi Chijoke by Prof Mrs. Ajakaiye agents.


Barr Ochigbo (Esq) disclosed that best on his client’s respect for the rule of law, his client approached a court by filing a civil suit challenging his illegal eviction from the shops.


He said, in one of the shop which matter is still standing trial before the Senior district court sitting at Jos main market that is presently sitting at the Luguard Road.


The Plaintiff counsel says, while the case is pending, the defendant took the law into her hands considering that she has never given him prior notice over the change of ownership from the demised premises.


However, as that is not enough punishment to her tenant, Prof Ajakaiye one fatefull Sunday at about 7 am on 30th August 2020 went to the premises with thugs and invaded ransacked the premises without the knowledge of Chief Achi Chijoke.


Plaintiff counsel, Barr Ochigbo told media that defendant was charged for trespass, mischief into the premises she has already rented to the tenant by blocking the entire entrance to his shop with hips of stones and sands, thereby making it impractically impossible for chief Achi Chijoke to transact his legitimate business within the premises.


Consequently, he described chief Achi Chijoke as law-abiding citizen who reported the matter to the police for discrete thorough investigation and prosecution of the culprit for abuse of law.

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