Media/ Civil Societies Call For Passage Of VAFF Act To Address  Rape Cases  In Jigawa

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Umar Akilu Majeri

The coalition of Civil societies and Media has called on Jigawa State House Of Assembly to speed up the passage of  (VAPP) act to address the increase of rape cases and other related offenses in the state.


The call was made by the of media and civil society during a joined meeting held in the Gumel foundation. Facilitated by VIDEP and supported by Gumel yesterday.



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They expressed their heartfelt concern on how rape cases reached an alarming rate during the lockdown period describing the situation as unacceptable in any civilized society.


According to them if the VAPP Act is passed into law by the state Assembly it will provide strong legal backing that will help in tackling the menace of rape cases and other violence against humanity in the state.


However, it expressed dismay on how women and minors became the major victims of the rape and other violence against the person, and called on the general public to join hands in the fight against the nefarious act.



The meeting also commended the state Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar for making the VAPP act as an executive bill after generating the public inputs facilitated by Coalition.


According to them the bill which was domesticated to be inline with religion and good cultural belief of the state populace if pass into law will strengthen the process of justice administration on cases related to violence against humanity in the state.


The coalition than reiterated their commitments to ensure full implantation of the act when passed into law, by monitoring any reported case to the logical conclusion.

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