Ngozi Olejeme’s Twenty Million Naira Bounty Tears Delta PDP Apart

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All is not well within the PDP ranks in Delta State, this is as universalreporters gathered that crisis erupted yesterday between the Delta PDP Executives, and Youths and Women Supporters, following a N20 Million bounty offered by the Chairperson of the Board of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, Ngozi Olejeme.
Hardly had the Delta Guber candidate whose hope of becoming Delta next governor, left after making the offer, that the party burst into flames and turned into a  stage of political confrontation, the incident happened in Delta North Senatorial District.
As gathered by this medium, the chairman who arrived the PDP secretariat in Asaba with her army of supporters dropped the bounty in two average size Ghana-Must-Go Bags and a smaller bag before the very presence of the PDP state chairman, Peter Nwaoboshi.
In being in the  seventh heaven, Olejeme told the gathering that the N10 million is meant for the breaking of the Traditional Kolanut, as she hinted that the second bag containing another N10 million Naira is to be used for the furnishing of the State Party secretariat.
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However, universalreporters  was reliably informed that soon after the donation of the money, some army of youths made their presence and as they the demanded that the bounty be shared.
In his usual manner, making his acclamation to Ngozi Olejeme for her generous donation, the Party’s chairman, Nwaoboshi, bordered by the party’s secretary, his Chief Solomon Ogba, alongside other party chieftains to the NSITF boss, for visiting them in-spite of her busy schedules was  amazed to take notice of various incongruous tones from several fierce looking party followers in darke shed eye glassed and also women in the party’s uniform requesting  for the instant sharing of the money given by the NSITF Boss.
To them,they believe delaying the sharing of the money may not be in their best interest.
Crisis ensued soon after Olejeme left, as the army of youths and women threatened hell should the money be left in the hands of the party Excos whom they said will tell them stories over the money later on.
Speaking further, one person among said; We will shake this secretariat today. We won’t leave here until we are settled. Gone are those days when they play on our intelligence. We will scatter this place.
Speaking he said; “The Exco cannot eat the money alone and leave us out on the field as foot soldiers.”
However, as the money was taken upstairs by the party executives,  the youths and hundreds of women that were  brought to welcome Olejeme waited downstairs  without minding the dread of the force of the policemen who were with guns. Meanwhile,  as they continued to wait for the share of the money, warned of ominous upshot in the October 25 Local Government election,  should they be left out of the sharing of the bounty.

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