Taraba Acting Gov. Garba Umar Is Plotting To Get Rid Of Suntai Says Sen. Bwacha

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The crisis rocking Taraba State Political scene is far from being over, this is as Senator Emmanuel yesterday further accused the acting governor Garba Umar that he is plotting to eliminate the Governor Danbaba Suntai.
Speaking with newsmen, Mr. Bwacha said; “If we have empirical evidence that you are working towards sacking your principal from all available facts, if you want him sacked and you are not able to achieve that, suspicion will begin to emerge that extraordinary means will be used.”
“That is why for security reasons nobody is allowed to see him. The situation in my state is no longer secret. It is hostility between the deputy governor, who was brought in after the governor has spent one half years in the office, and the governor,” he said.
According to Bwacha, he said; “Actually, the deputy governor was not part of the election that brought Governor Suntai into office. And he has decided to throw morality into the dustbin.The acting governor wants to remove his principal from office, who, not from his fault, he had an accident.
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“When he (Suntai) had this accident, it was not up to two weeks when he (Umar) was sworn-in as deputy governor. The Acting governor decided to throw morality into the dustbin. This is actually the cause of the political problem in the state.”

“The question at stake here is common sense: whether common sense is still common.”

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