Jos Federal High Court Dismiss Wase LGA, 12 Federal Wards Suit For Lack Of Certification Of Documents

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Yakubu Busari

A Federal High sitting in Jos, Plateau State on Thursday has delivered judgment on the Wards, LGs, State, and National congresses in favor of Hon Nansel Lakai (1st defendant and People Democratic Party, second defendant)  in a  suit filed by Hon. Jacob Dashe and others against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), seeking the cancellation of 12 federal wards reelection.


Justice Dorcas Agishi has also abandoned the plaintiffs’ prayer while delivering the judgment says, all the documents presented by the plaintiffs were not certified from INEC.


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The issue for determination raise by the plaintiffs was whether they have loco standing to raise the issue for 2nd defendant guidelines forwards down to national congresses which were null and avoid.


Hon Jacob Dashe approached the Federal High Court as a result of the fallout of the party congresses in Wase LGA, Plateau State, North Central Nigeria, came up at the Jos Division of the Federal High Court on Thursday.


When the case was filed the plaintiffs’ counsel rely on the annexure for the plaintiff, were dismissed for lack of following the proper certification of the plaintiff’s documents, the judge explained.


The plaintiffs’ counsel, Johnbull  Mahwel Esq, presented a motion calling on the court to set aside the 12 federal wards in Wase LGA


Before the judgment, Hon, Justice Dorcas Agishi expressed dismay by warning the PDP state legal officer. Barr Bingchen Jantur to stop bastardizing and delaying the Bar.


According to the judgment, the subsection 1&3 of the federal republic of Nigeria,1999 amended of section 49 of PDP 2012 amended subsection (1),(3) and (4) the second defendant conduct wards LG and state, zonal congresses the defendant is not under any obligation on the conduct of zonal, state for the purpose of conducting congresses.


The applicants seek the following relies on 6 paragraphs and 19 affidavits dated 19 March 2020 attached with a written address and file responses of originating surmount and 3 annexed of 22 paragraphs.


Barr Bingchen Jangtur says you know today’s judgment is no winner, no loser because this is a family affair so there is no need to celebrate the victory.


He promised of the defendants plan to reconcile all with the aggrieved members who have lost out at the tribunal.


However, counsel for the defendants, Bitrus Dung Esq, told the court that he got a brief on the case yesterday adding that the counsel that was handling the case withdrew from the matter and pleaded with the court for more time.



“You would recall, that after the PDP Congresses conducted on March 2020, it was alleged that the exercise was marred by irregularities and total disregard to the party constitution and the guidelines for the conduct of the Congresses at various levels”, the plaintiff’s prayer.


However, after the Ward Congresses in Wase LGA, the Electoral Committee, sent by the party, headed by the 1st defendant (Nansel Lakai) was alleged to have decided to change the list of duly elected officers and illegally substitute with a different list.


Hon. Jacob Dashe and others were said to have petitioned the party at the state level where the Appeal Committee was empowered by the guidelines to hear the petition within 24 hours dumped and abandoned the aggrieved members’ request.


The Appeal Committee was, however, said to have refused to hear the Appeals emanating from the Wards which prompted the petitioners to seek legal redress in the court of law.


The plaintiffs are asking for the nullification of the Congresses held in Wase LGA but the judgment upturn the plaintiff’s prayer by insisting that all documents presented before the honorable court weren’t certified from the appropriate authorities to aid their matter.

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