Court Reserves Ruling On Issue Of Jurisdiction On Case Involving Embattled Ex-Chairman Of Qua’an- Pan LGA

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Yakubu Busari,

Justice Nafisatu Musa Mohammed of Plateau State High Court sitting in Jos has reserved for ruling on the application of jurisdiction to entertain a suit filed by the 4th -25th defendants.

She adjourned to be communicated to all the counsels, on an argument that eschewed by defendants counsel, Barr S.S. Obende and Solomon Umoh, SAN, calling on the court to dismiss their plaintiff application for lack of merit.

The Embattled Chairman of Qua’an Pan Local Government Council of Plateau State, Hon. Isaac Kwallu’s suit, Court has Adjourned to be communicated to Parties

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The Case which is before Justice Nafisatu is for the continuation of hearing on the matter sitting in State High Court (10) in Jos, Plateau state capital.

The Counsel to the complaint, Solomon Umoh(SAN) said my Lord, the was adjourned for hearing, we are prepared for the matter.

On his part, the Counsel representing the 4th-25th defendant in the matter, S.S Obende who moved a motion for the court to compel the complaint to bring the government official cars (4) in numbers to give way for the continuation of hearing of the matter.

He added that there is no way the hearing of the matter will commence when the impeached local government chairman Isaac Kwallu still holds tenaciously to the official government cars, which is against the law.

In a quick reaction, the counsel to the complaint, Solomon Umoh (SAN) who appeared to be very furious, frown at what he described as a frivolous motion filed by the 4th-25th defendants which he said is an affront to the court process.

“My Lord, I must say that the motion of the 4th-25th defendants is not only frivolous but an affront to the court process, this is so when it comes to appointing where the continuation of hearing on a matter is tight to conditions.”

My Lord this is my client who is badly injured emotionally when he was in court challenging his suspension from office as the chairman of Qua’an’pan LG, only to hear it from the news of his impeachment.

Umoh further decried that as my client is challenging his suspension, he was subsequently impeached by the forces that earlier suspended him from office even when this honorable court my Lord had appealed to the Parties in the matter to maintained Status quo pending the court determination over the suit.

“My Lord the same forces who ganged up to suspend my client flagrantly violated the court order for the parties to maintain status quo pending the court determination over the matter, they are not still tired they are still on rampaging move to scuttle the judicial process of my client to obtain Justice which he attributed to a slap in the bare face of Justice which my Lord should not allow standing.

My Lord,” these show that there are strong forces that are fighting against my client who has failed to come out with the offenses of my client that warrant the humiliation and harassing him.

“Umoh(SAN) further stressed that the unfortunate action of the 4th-25th defendants when your Lordship had given an express judicial order for all parties in the case to maintain status quo, but they are violating the Court order with impunity and without remorse”.

” My Lord, if the bringing of the cars will facilitate my client urgent quest for quick Justice for his rights that is grossly violated, I have just confided with my client and he has agreed to bring the (3) government official cars under his procession and will be deposit with the court registrar if that will facilitate my client getting immediate Justice.”

Even when the complaint opts to deposit the cars to fulfill the motion moved by the Counsel to the 4th-25th defendant S.S Obende, which is not supposed to be, but to shift ground, to give room for the speedy hearing of the matter, the 4th-25th, the defendant still insisted that the cars under the procession of the complaint were(4)not (3)as claimed.

However, the parties adopted their processes, as complaint urged the court to determine the matter in his favor and strike out the prayers of other defendants in the matter on the ground of lack of merit.

While the defendants prayed the court to strike out the petition of the plaintiff as it lacks merit in it entirely.

The Case is however adjourned to a later date to be communicated to the parties in due course.

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