IMSU Alumni Asso.Leadership Alleged Crisis:  Unserious BOT Members Have No Locus Standi To Suspend Anybody, Says President

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Dan Opara

Following to the newspapers reports that stated that the Imo State University Alumi President was suspended by some members of the Alumni Board of Trustees, BoT, of the association over an  alleged financial gross misconduct.


The accused President of the IMSU Alumni Association, Prince Ezeala Ferdinand Akano, was on Good Friday, April 10th 2020 in Owerri, during a press chat, denied all the allegations against him by some members of the Alumni BoT bordering on gross misconduct.


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It could be recalled that the IMSU Alumni President,Prince Akano was alleged to have looted the Association’s fund via a Zenith Bank Account but in his statements with newsmen,Prince Akano with some of the Alumni Executive members raised alarm over the suspension they jointly described as invalid, nullity and does not have the locus standi sequel to the mandates of the Alumni’s Constitution.


That IMSU Alumni President that was allegedly suspended by some members of the BOT of the Alumni, while speaking debunked his suspension,insisted that those BOT members have no single power to enforce his suspension, hence only four (4) BoT members out of the nine (9) members who didn’t form a quorum can’t establish his suspension as they alleged.


“I have not been suspended, we have a procedure and we have constitution that is guiding all the activities of IMSU  Alumni Association. And by virtue of the Alumni Constitution, there are procedures for any officer or any member of the executives to be sanctioned, sacked or even be suspended as the BoT alleged”,Prince Akano insisted.


He said, “either elected or appointed, there is also a procedure to sanction or suspend a member whether at the chapter level of the association or at the national but all those procedures in our constitution have not been adhered to, all of a sudden a letter came purportedly suspending a duly elected President of IMSU Alumni Association”,  Ezeala fumed.


He maintained that a President who was elected by an elective convention by the members of the association can not be suspended in that unconstitutional decision which he tagged as kangaroo suspension that can not stand.


“Our point of contention is that the purported suspension is a nullity which was marred with illegality”,Ezeala submitted.


He revealed that his leadership have gotten advises from the Alumnus at the National level as the Legal Advisers both at the Chapter levels through a consensus have collectively reaffirmed his mandate with nodes to go ahead as President and better ignore such watery suspension by the BoT’s.


President Akano disclosed that there is an agreement amongst all the members of the association that the BoT’s purported action of his suspension as alleged remains null and void, even as he  pointed out that by law, no one can have the jurisdiction to place something on nothing and expect it to stand.


Akano therefore stated that the most of Alumni’s BoT members who are calling for his suspension does not have the interest of University and the growth of Alumni at heart, as he described them as his detractors who hate to see his progress.


” They want me to be their stooge. About five (5) members of the BoT does really belong to our association, rather only four (4) were active members. They are afraid of my re-election bid. They should allow me to conclude my first 2 (two) year tenure. Yes, off course, i have right to recontest for the same position which I know that my leadership achievements can speak for me.

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