God Gave Me Direction For The Use Of Herbs In Treatment— Herbal Doctor Lamak Ndam

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By Yakubu Busari, Jos

unnamed (1)A 53 year-old renowned Traditional herbal doctor, Dr Ladak Sale Ndam ,  who is a Popular Nigeria Herbal healer ,  born in Kankur along Gazum-Dadur ,the  present day Langtang North Local Government Council of Plateau state in 1962 revealed the secret of his power in using traditional herbs .

He made this known in an interview with our correspondent on the importance of herbal treatment in African traditions.

“I begin herbal treatment with Moringa leaves when I was seven years old, the blessing came to me physically one day when my uncle wife felt ill . God directed me to go and fetch the leafs and administer it’s on her so after within 30 minutes the woman stood up and started dancing calling my name I am healed after the power of God people started bringing their sick ones  .

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Ndam said about 5,000 people have been  fully recovered from fibroid ,Ulcer ,Stroke, Diabetes, Gonorrhea, Hypertension, Man-power reproduction, Eyes problems, teeth problem, evil spirit, poison, madness, irregular menstruation, malaria, tuberculosis ,Cholera, body rashes, measles, asthma, whooping cough, worm problem, back pain, stomach pain, epilepsy, snakebite  ,Ear problem, pile ,Bilharzias ,typhoid, headache, sickle cell, yellow fever and many more.

He recalled how foreign nationals came to contact him on how they will use his herbs in the treatment of HIV/AIDS but he refused to show them the secret behind my healing power.

“God used speak to me directly by showing me the life style of any person who come in contact with me , during President Olusegun Obasanjo regime God told me that the administration is full of impunity so after that PDP will not rule Nigeria against but nobody listen to the advice.”

“I battled to tell the people of Kadarko that strange people are undergoing training to come and kill persons in Wase local government so they have to be careful.

Ndam disclosed that God brought President Muhammadu Buhari to reposition the country from the sin of People Democratic Party bad governance.

Ndam called on Nigerians to support the leadership of president Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau state.

Besides using the spiritual connection, he said; “God guarded me throughout my 44 years of the practice in healing people with different sickness.

He urged other traditional herbal practitioners to stop issuing herbs that cause harm by calling on their members to help promote natural herbs .

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