Fire Works, Fanfare As Al-Makura Returns from USA By Rabiu Omaku

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“Mai Gari Ya Dawo, Baba Dawo, who said he will not return, Father of Nasarawa State, continuity is real,” these are the words of the supporters of Governor Al-Makura while welcoming him back the Governor.
The mammoth crowd trooped out en mass to welcome the governor whose purported branded death, a speculation that went viral.
There was no official confirmation on Governor Al-Makura’s sojourned.
The Governor was out of the country since 23/12/2014 without any official statement on his whereabouts, the speculation of his purported death went viral on the social media creating cacophony among supporters and oppositions.
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The 7km journey from college of Agriculture Lafia to Emir’s palace trough Lafia-East bye pass lasted for almost two hours.

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