Exposed: How Lalong Is Planning To Witch-Hunting Govt Workers In Plateau Over Last LGA Elections

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It has been brought to our notice that the Plateau State Governor Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong  has issued a directive that all civil servants who are suspected in anyway to have not given complete support to the APC during the October 10, Local Government election be punished one way or another.


His justification for this line of action is that if civil servants had not supported the PDP, the governor’s party would not have experienced the complete trouncing it did when the PDP overwhelmingly swept the polls across the state.


We are reliably informed that APC officials across the seventeen (17) local governments are compiling lists of the suspected civil servants to either post them out of their present location or retire them from service prematurely.


The PDP totally condemns this directive by the APC as a desperately ruthless and pitiless method of suppressing the rights of workers and indeed Plateau people to freely exercise their right to free association.


This move also reveals clearly that the APC has lost ground with even the civil service which was previously much-touted as its governor’s solid support base.


The governor is being confronted daily by the flood of rejection of his mis-governance.


The result of the LGA election is living proof that Plateau people have sent an unequivocal and daring message to Lalong and the APC that it is: TIME UP!


As the APC government continues to lose the goodwill of the people, it is also becoming more vindictive and lashing out at perceived enemies. Part of this action was when months ago the government ordered serving directors and cashiers of the seventeen local government areas to resign their position and hand over to their deputies only because they had worked under the PDP government.


We bring it to your notice that even as at this time some civil servants are prohibited from coming to office.


We call on Governor Lalong to disengage from his penchant for unnecessarily getting distracted and instead at least for once be seen to be concentrating on performing the responsibilities of his office by protecting the lives and properties of our people. He should be proactive in defending the people he governs within his remaining seven months in office, rather than victimizing and dividing the people of the state along ethnic and religious lines.


We hope too that he will show he has learned some lessons about working with his people to defend the dignity of the Plateau person rather than hobnobbing with the President as if he were some executive assistant in the presidency.


Let the governor note that “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”




Sir  John T. Akans, fcai.


Publicity Secretary

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