Dumb Nigerian Youth … In Their Own Words By Bayo Oluwasanmi

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As expected, I met with a barrage of flak for my article “For Once, Let’s Blame Nigerian Youth” published in SaraReporters July 8 and in other Internet portals.
Little minds are happy to stay stuck in little ruts, smugly resisting change. Ours is an instant society in which immediate results have become the expectation of our youth. Nigerian youth must be reminded that there are many endeavors that will only be accomplished if the long-range perspective is maintained.
Their ability to learn depends in part on their ability to relinquish what they have held. The close-minded attitude of our youth that excludes any possibility of learning is a perfect recipe for dumbness.

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Of all the devil’s tools for making our youth miserable, discouragement is his finest and most frequently used. If seeing is believing, our youth as true skeptics refuse to look.
Sample responses to my article are reproduced verbatim below from SaharaReporters – dumb Nigerian youth … in their own words. Though one thing I applaud them for is that no one can beat them in their own game. Enjoy!
It is easy for “self-disenfranchised” nigerians abroad to cast the stone at us. We (the youth of nigeria) wonder what made u horrible lot migrate from ur fatherland. Now that the brain-drain u left in ur wake has overtaken the country, u suddenly have the moral right to demand of us a deadly revolution? Nigeria is a free for all economy because of u. I do not believe in “one Nigeria” because it is a fraud. We nigerians did not form this country by our own will. Our fathers were lumped up to make it easy for lugard exploit us. So vicke, shut ur blasted trap. If u want to die like a dog, jump off a cliff in protest. Animal!    – Tayo
Here is just a reminder to those who are not aware that the contraption christened Nigeria by idiotic Luggard is on the road to demolition. Amalgamation expires midnight 1st January, 2014. He who is not in the know should start getting acquaintance with this fact. The dungeon Nigeria will be history on this date. No negotiation, no parole or we do it the BLOODY WAY.Only a fool will think that any revolution will ever take place in naija. Yorubas can not deceive us again. We’re aware of their hypocrisy and back-stabbing DNA strands unlike in the past. Anyone who wants to revolt is on their own. Count me and my Igbo people out.Our only resolution is Biafra. Let every region define their future and pursue it. Presently, Ndigbo are Nigerians not as a resolution of theirs but that of the colonial masters and regional oppressors from the west&north. The shackles of 100years slavery will be broken on 1st January, 2014. Pure and simple!   –  Oleku
Its only in africa that u see humans jubilate any day there is a coup–we saw films from Ghana with youths dancing and singing over the CIA backed coup against Nkrumah-years later are the people of Ghana still dancing on their streets-to celebrate the departure of Nkrumah? Ghana is yet to move an inch from where Nkrumah stopped the clock of progress-same as the south west with Awo-parents are now saying No to their wards who want to further their education IN EKO-cause the likes of Fashola ati Tinubu cannot plan-they got free education but are giving the youth stones- for education-Did their fathers hold demonstrations b4 Awo gave them free education? He did not put any of their KIDS on the anvil of death-or harms way-all he asked of them was their votes-here those who hardly ever empathize with the oil bearing communities that suffer oil spills daily now want youths from d SS 2 sacrifice their lives 4 dem comfort-tomorrow instead of a split! Animals.   – Deri
Yr name alone is enough to show that u are an Ibo man with no soul! You who could not defend your tribesmen who were slaughtered like pigs in the fulani North by boko haram, because of the occasional contract that u obtain want to protest against Jonathan-who are the beneficiaries of Odili, Sylva, Alams and Amechis rule in the SS-are they not your tribesmen? Are the oil subsidy thieves from Yenagoa or Port Harcourt.If u were educated u wld have know by now that, coups in africa are always sponsored by western nations? The beneficiaries of the oil wells in the south south which has been feeding yr ancestors since 1958, are the fulanis, ibos and yorubas-Be man enough to call for a split-Your were busy arranging a one million man match for despots like Abacha who ruled us 4 6yrs-kept quiet when the North arranged to hang kensarowiwa-when abiola was killed now u have woken up from your regional slumber to talk rubbish! Cause Egypt is on fire-from d West! Animals.   – Deri
A million and one peeps will take a swipe at Deri for saying the truth here, but that does not change the reality on ground. This lope sided Nigeria where some are less citizens than others is not the one youth will die for like this misguided author is asking. What has the sacrifices of Isaac Boro, Kaduna Nzeogu, the youth that died for June 12etc earned us? They all died for nothing!   – Mutualfear
Pls go to your state of origin, you need to among the first on the foundation for the mountain of corpses for the revolution. It ain’t no use instigating the youths to “stand on a mountain of corpses – and, however terrible the thought, {they} are the beneficiaries of all the carnage.” You are a sadist, Bayo; what a stupid command to the youths. You know fully well that if the youths start in your LGA, for example, an Usman or Dagogo in uniform with an AK47 does not care a hoot gunning all of them down, because he believed none of them could be his relation. You and Sonola Olumhense pick up the keyboard, incite the youth to revolt while refusing to acknowledge that Nigeria is a fragmented society where nationwide popular revolution can NEVER NEVER take place. Common, give democracy a chance to mature in Nigeria. If you people are asking for the break-up of Nigeria, that’s another thing. -Amaka
See this one and his yeye call for revolution. Go to the ballot box for political power. If not, it is now revolution to split Nigeria and not revolution to grab distribution of oil revenues as you are craving. For 38 years, Nigeria was abused, its youths hardly had the opportunity to have a say on the polity, not even to cast a vote. A section of Nigeria – with a few outside collaborators – milked Nigeria dry – we are yet to recover Abacha loots – squashed oil money on religious pilgrimages to Mecca, oppressed Nigeria’s youths, never cared to replace worn-out social facilities, spent fortunes on false transitions to democracy. Waste galore. Throughout, you and your lot acquiesced. Now that the youths can vote, criticize government and have their liberty to participate in the polity, you want them to rise and take over the government.
U constitute a lot of insincerity in Nigeria. You falsely believe you are smarter than others. Split Nigeria into manageable countries.    – Danay

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