Does Achievement Or Achieving Something Really Rely On One’s Self Actualization?

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achievementSelf actualization is a form of achievement which a thousand and one people fail to attain, that notwithstanding doesn’t mean it is laborious (difficult) to reach.

Achievement is the attainment of one’s certain goals. It is something that has been done through effort: a result of hard work. Different people different achievement from the degree of time, set and age in which they received or attain the fact which they call or to them is an achievement. This achievement can be of personal achievement, physical achievement, educational, business, economic and social achievement etc.

Achievement varies from one degree to another which can be accidental and non accidental achievement, long time and short time achievement, etc.

Accidental achievement tends to be that type of achievement attained accidentally by someone or a country by others, or their neighboring countries. Example; Walter Rodney; in his book how Europe underdeveloped Africa: when the colonials or the European people try to exploit the African economy resources, they were accidentally booming the African agricultural and the mining (coal) sector of the African continent particularly, the Nigerians which in their own part is known as the accidental achievement. While the Non accidental achievement is that type of achievement which the, or an individual planned, strived and worked hard in the cause to see his/her efforts and goals are known as Non Accidental achievements.

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Long time achievement are either individual or government planned projects, investment and budgeting which are setup for years and the betterment of one’s future achievement and for the government for the development of his Dearing country. The short time achievement is said to be individual day – to – day  activities on how he/she have planned for the day which if worked out as planned  is considered/ known to them as their day achievement.

In essence achievement is anything that tends to promote you to the next level of positive goals.

Isah Sadiya Abdullahi is a Final Year Student of Mass communication, Bayero University, Kano, 08038226280



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