Is culture that dynamic?

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IMG_5950The dynamics of culture is what really captivated me whilst I traverse around the topic in focus. Greatness doesn’t begin to describe what culture truly is as such, culture is an amazing phenomenon.

Culture is great.  It is one of the greatest and amazing aspects of any human being in terms of their ways of doing things and other general activities, which distinguishes them from that of animal kingdom. You will be surprise that even animals tends to or also have their own way of living and doing things which also means culture to them in their own part.

There is no culture that is very bad or very good depending or varying from individual perspective, on the way we view and see things from both positive and negative point of view. However, some groups mix culture with their religious belief while others so much believe in culture that they take or worship their culture as their religious belief meaning they are so addicted and believe so much in the power and miracle of their culture.

Culture is good. It is among or one of the greatest signs or simple way for one to identify or distinguishes one from others. These signs are; in terms of Tribal marks, which is very common during the olden days, the way they dress that is their mode of dressing, their facial and physical appearance, ways of greeting, their way of marriage contracts or celebration, some general attitude that tends to be part of them, the way they dance, their historical past and the way they smile or speaks.

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However many people embrace, cherish, love and have regard or respect for their culture. Although with the varying of one culture to another some argued and complaint that some of their cultural belief or practice is unfavorable to them, it is difficult to adhere to in terms of their decision making, their social life, personal life, marriage status, career, the food they eat and drink etc. which affect them in virtually all their life aspect. While to others, some of their cultural ways or belief is favorable and of great benefit to them.

Therefore, culture is not an obstacle but an opportunity. With the coming and practice of these two most popular religious beliefs, Islam and Christianity. A lot or most of the cultural practice and beliefs were abolished by most of the society, group or place, While some tally with the teaching of the religion in terms of good conduct, manner, love and care for one another, sincerity and honesty, obedience, truth and respectful.

Sometimes, our cultural belief determines the way of our thinking, behavior and the reshape of our life styles.

A culture is the total way of life. It embraces what people ate and what they wore; the way they walked and the way they talked; the manner in which they treated death and greeted the new born. Pg.38 of Walther Rodney How Europe underdeveloped Africa.

After making this series of research to know their differences in supports, oppositions, perceptions and views of their cultures, many were on the belief that no matter the simplicity or some of their cultural rules or difficulties they still cherish, embrace, adore, and have regard for it. It is the setting and way of their life for no human being without a tribe so as no existing human without a culture.

Although, every culture have its unique way of doing things.

Isah Sadiya Abdullahi is a Final Year Student of Mass communication, Bayero University Kano, 08038226280.

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