District Head Kill By Herders In Irigwe, Plateau In His Farm 

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Yakubu Busari

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A community Leader in Hukke village of Bassa Local Government of Plateau state was killed by suspected herdsmen militia while security operatives escaped gun shot.

The late Mangwa Monday age 57 years with 10 children and many grandchildren accompanied police to the scene where the Fulani herdsmen set their cows to destroy farmlands with crops but they were ambushed by the herders and opened fire on them.

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An eyewitness told our reporters that the heavily armed militia laid ambush by the road side, it was gathered that on their arrival the started shooting sporadically, when police flew into the bush and left the armless district head and they shot him instantly and he died.

According to eyewitness, he was killed by a gun shot by well-armed Fulani herdsmen in the presence of the Nigeria Police force when he invited them (Police) to inspect the farm destroyed by the Fulani Herdsmen.

The police all escaped without arresting any of the herders, so far Fulani records constant killing of farmers in their farms and destroyed crops.

He explained further that no  single arrest was made in all the attacks which is  Gorilla in nature as well as  ambush attacks of the natives that is now is a new dimension of the attackers which they use to achieve their aims of  an intended ethnic cleansing of their people as well to capture their  lands for their grazing area.

We cultivated a lot of early premature dead, destruction of farm produce without any government intervention to end the killings or support the farmer, pay hospital bills or give attention for befitting burial.

We are out of the government not having any sympathy for us  as Fulani attacks continue daily in Bassa Local without state government intervention.

We are pleading with the government to please come to it responsibility by end the killings compensate the  farmers & arrest the Fulani Ardos of Bassa in Plateau as  promise during the presidential visit to the state.

We don’t want Fulani to come for grazing in our land. Their aim is to kill and destroy just like the devil.

We are pleading with international committee of red cross to please come to our aide again with relief materials to farmer as they did last time.

We are suffering without assistance by the government we voted for, We plead with amnesty international to look in to the killings of our natives holistically.

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