Desist From Impersonating Our Speaker, 26 Rivers Lawmakers Tells Bipi

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The twenty-six members of the Rivers State House of Assembly has sent a strong warning to Evan Bipi whom they claimed have been impersonating the speaker of the House, Otelemaba Amachree, claiming that Hon. Otelemaba Amachree has not been removed.
The House Members in a statement which signed by the 26 lawmakers said Bipi’s posing as the Speaker of the House is in defiance and gross violation of the laws of the country.
The statement further said that; “The attention of the Rivers State House of Assembly has been drawn to the plethora of stories and conjectures that have constituted the bulk analysis at the public domain on the crisis of Tuesday 9th of July, 2013… the House leadership received a communication from the Executive to amend the Rivers State Appropriation Law 2013. Sequel to this, the House reconvened on the 9th of July, 2013.”

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“Following the reconvening of the House on 9th of July, 2013, five members of the Rivers State House of Assembly (Evans Bipi, Okechukwu Michael Chinda, Kelechi Nwogu, Victor Ihunwo and Martins Amaewhule) in alliance with the Rivers State Police Command and their thugs, carried out unprovoked attack and assault on members including the Speaker (Rt. Hon. Otelemaba Dan Amachree), the Leader of the House (Hon. Chidi Lloyd) and Hon. Wanjoku Chikere Azubuike.”
“Thereafter they made a spirited but unsuccessful attempt to impeach the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly in obvious disregard of the amplifying procedures set out in section 92 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Order 12 and Order 28 of the standing orders of the Rivers State House of Assembly.”
“Since the botched impeachment attempt, one Hon. Evans Bipi has rather surreptitiously impersonated the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly in Defiance and gross violation of the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and has gone ahead to make publications in the national media. We hereby call on the public to disregard the impostor (Hon. Evans Bapakaye Bipi) and his fabricated fallacies which is targeted at misinforming the general public.”
According to the members in their statement said they never violate any law by suspending the Chairman and Councillors of the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the state, as they added; “By virtue of the provisions of section 4 sub (6) and (7) (a-c) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(as amended), the state House of Assembly is vested with legislative powers to make laws for the peace, governance and order of a state. Section 7(1) of the constitution says it is the responsibility of the House of Assembly to make laws for the existence, establishment, composition, structure, finance and functions of Local Councils.”
“Section 100(1-5) further espouses the powers of the Assembly to make laws. Thus in line with the above provisions the Rivers State House of Assembly enacted the Local Government Law of Rivers State No.2 of 2012. Section 64 sub-section (1)-(4) of the Local Government Law of Rivers State No.2 of 2012 gives the power of suspension of Local Government Council to the Assembly.”
The lawmakers also said that; “In compliance with the above provisions, when the question was put on the interim report on the committee on local government on the issue. 23 members voted for the suspension and 5 members voted against.”
“In compliance with our legislative duties, we have had cause to vote on motions, bills and resolutions that have impacted positively on the citizens of Rivers state, and if a tiny minority of 5 out of 32 members have dissenting views, that does not impugn on the views of the majority.”
According to them they said their support willcontinue to be for the Speaker Amachree and the governor Rotimi Amaechi; “We shall continue to support our amiable governor Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his people-friendly policies aimed at lifting our state from the shackles of a small political militia desirous of lording over and looting the treasury of our dear state.”.
 “We totally dissociate ourselves from the second team of Police Officers led by a commissioner of police and Senator George T. Sekibo,” said the lawmakers.
 “We reassure our constituents that we shall continue to support and fight for the truth and defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which we swore to uphold. We shall remain resolute in our resolve to defend our state from political predators scavenging for cheap popularity and a harvest of political fortunes.”
The lawmakers who signed the statement are Golden Ngozi Chioma; Innocent B. Barikor; Josiah John Olu; Ibiso Nwuche; Belema Okpokiri; Legbosi Nwidadah; Andrew Anderson Miller; Augustine Ngo; Ben Horsfall; Okechukwu Nwaogu; Victor Amadi; Azubike Chikere Wanjoku and Victoria Nyeche.
Others are Benibo Anabraba; Irene Inimgba; Felicia Barizasi-Tane; Aye Atamah Pepple; Onari Brown; Gift Wokocha; Ewor Nname Robinson; Lucky Odili; Chidi Julius Lloyd; Chigbo Eligwe; Leyii Kwanee; Tonye Harry and Mr. Amachree.

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