Defence Headquarters Deploys More Troops To Borno, Following Recent Killings By Boko Haram

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The Nigeria Military has approved the deployment of more troops and heavy arms and ammunitions to the trouble state of Borno, following a renewed killing by the insurgents which led to the killings of more than 30 youth vigilance group known as civilian JTF in two communities.
In a statement signed by Brig Gen. Chris Olukolade, Director of Defence Information at said; “A large scale shooting and murder by terrorists of over 22 and infliction of varying degree of injuries on over 18 members of Borno Youth Vigilance Group in Dawashi and Mainok in Borno State last Saturday has been reported.  It is also believed that a number of other innocent civilians mostly women, children and elderly were killed in the unprovoked attack.”

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The statement went further to state that; “The incidents which followed separate attacks on the group and the two communities are consistent with the new pattern of operations by the terrorists after the loss of their camps.  This practice of laying ambush or attacking innocent civilians by terrorists lately is meant to intimidate Nigerians who have rejected the activities of terrorists in the communities. The Special Forces have been directed to ensure that the perpetrators of the recent incidents are tracked down and the manhunt for them is in progress accordingly.  Meanwhile more troops and equipment are being deployed into the operation to ensure better coverage and protection of communities in the operational area.”
“All citizens are enjoined to maintain high level of vigilance and continue to cooperate with security forces in the operation.   Members of the vigilance group in particular are being counseled to endeavor to work only under the strict guidance and protection of the security forces on ground in their localities,” the statement reads

“The Defence Headquarters appreciates the determination of Nigerians particularly individuals and communities who have offered assistance and are working in support of the counter-terrorism operations in spite of the desperate activities of the few bands of marauding insurgents.”

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