Amb Abdullahi Yipbaikwal Says, “No Society Can Achieve Meaningful Progress Without Justice”

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Yakubu Busari

The Ambassador-designate and  National President Dengi Old Students Association (DOSA), Professor Abdullahi Shehu Yibaikwal have disclosed that no society can achieve its goals and aspirations without Justice, but however, Justice doesn’t always imply equity even though both are very important.


He charged members of the associations in Nigeria to be conscious of their rights and obligations in building a society that we most desire.


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He made this disclosure during the DOSA annual convention 2020 held at the Hill station Hotel, Jos, while he was welcoming members across the country.


Yipbaikwal lamented that in present Nigeria, “we must appreciate that nation-building is a collective responsibility and each and everyone here has a role to play “.



According to him,” as Nigeria is experiencing democratic transformation, revealing he takes exception to the allusion that we have many professors who are good at theorizing but can’t make things happen “.


He pointed out that a professor must profess solutions problems obviously, my security, law enforcement, diplomatic, and policy orientation and experience makes it incumbent on me to touch on a few national issues which are Germaine to our journey in nationhood.


Prof Abdullahi stressed that within the past two years of their coming together as an association, he had come to realize that leadership is inspired by trust and confidence and the essential ingredient is compassion, integrity, tolerance, and perseverance.


” We need effective leadership at all levels and how this leadership would emerge is also the responsibility of the elite to foster the ideology of building togetherness “, he added.


He said one of DOSA’s biggest challenges is the issue of funds to promote and build a legacy for the forthcoming generation to emulate and continue from where they stop.


Abdullahi Shehu reiterated that development is not only about the economy, it is a historical and political process that is supported by economic social, and political institutions.


” We all have a responsibility to build such institutions in whatever endeavor we find ourselves, now DOSA is not competing with but gas become a role model with the caliber of distinguished members of parliament that we have had and their immense contributions towards this association,” he noted.


He expressed appreciation and gratitude to His Excellency, Rt Hon Simon Bako Lalong for remodeling their alma mater for excellence including his legacy projects.


Abdullahi appealed for speedy completion of the projects which work has stopped on the site for about nine months or more.


He paid glowing tributes to duty speaker, Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase, and Rt Hon Yusuf Adamu Gagdi for their invaluably contributions and goodwill to this association and to all our members.

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