Abuja Free Zakzaky Protest: How Inspector General of Police, FCT Police Commissioner Denied Detainees Food

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The 115 arrested after the Nigeria police attack the peaceful free Zakzaky protest yesterday in Abuja have been denied food, medical services and even the chance to pray the five daily prayers incumbent upon Muslims.


After their arrest in the afternoon yesterday, some of their relatives visited the detainees at the headquarters of SARS, Abuja, carrying food items for them, but were flatly denied access to them. When they enquired as to the reason why they would not be given food to it, they were told by the officers that it was an order from the Inspector General of police, Ibrahim Idris and the FCT police commissioner, Sadiq Bello.


Even today in the morning the food items taken to the detainees, among whom are 15 women and underage children, were not served to them. It seems the top police officers are using hunger as a means of torture on their victims, which is against international law and practice.


A lawyer contacted on the issue who pleaded anonymity has confided to us that, there is no law in the country that granted powers to the IG let alone the CP to deny detainees food to eat. “Unless they want them to die of hunger,” he said.


As for denying the arrested to perform their prayers,  we may wish to ask the Nigeria Police to explain to the world their source of authority for doing so.


We wish to reaffirm our stand and demand that our leader Sheikh Zakzaky must be released from the illegal detention.





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