Video: Yes Nigeria is “fantastically corrupt”, Buhari admits

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  • Says he doesn’t need apology from PM Cameron

President Mohammadu has admitted that his country, Nigeria “is fantastically corrupt,” giving credence to the words of British Prime Minister, David Cameron who shared such as a joke with Queen Elizabeth 11 before television cameras.

The president also stated that he would not demand any apology from Camerom from making the comment, saying that he was more interested in the repatriation of stolen assets by Nigerians stashed abroad including the United Kingdom, saying “I need something tangible”.

Buhari is currently in London attending the global anti-corruption summit hosted by Cameron.

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President Buhari made the admittance to Sky News’ Diplomatic Editor, Dominic Waghorn in London.

In the 29 seconds chat minutes monitored by our correspondent, Waghorn had pressed president Buhari to know whether Nigeria Nigeria was “fantastically corrupt”,

surprisingly, the president admitted.

The chat went this way:

Sky news: Will you like an apology from the prime minister?

Buhari: “No, no not at all”

Sky news:

Are you embarrassed by what he said?

Buhari: “No I’m not.”

Sky news: Is Nigeria fantastically corrupt?

Buhari: “Yes”


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