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Yakubu Busari

Plateau vanguard for Change has expressed confidence in the leadership of Former Minister for science and technology Mrs Pauline Tallen by calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to consider appointing her as one of the minister in his cabinet towards promoting  the progressive politics of the All Progressive Congress, APC, is unfolding, political agenda .

According to  the APC ,President Muhammadu Buhari is set to constitute a new cabinet to drive his programmes and campaign promises down to the grassroots.


The Party’s decision to allocate certain offices and critical positions in government to certain geo-political zones is much a demonstration of its ideological canon of the politics of equity, fairness, and justice; and much more in furtherance of the resolve of the Muhammadu Buhari Presidency to service the machinery of governance with competent personnel and workforce that will catalyse programmes and policy focus to make desired and maximum impact on the generality of Nigerians.

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With the office of secretary to the Government of the federation, SGF, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, and a few other positions allocated to the North Central zone of the country, the searchlight has been on who is capable of quality representation and with the pedigree and exposure to articulate the programmes of government, and lend critical service to the second stanza of the Buhari administration to deliver on programmes and projects, and reposition the country in a manner that will make a continental pride and global reference in international development imperatives discourse.

Ever since this news of the allocated positions broke, Dame Pauline Tallen has been a prominent name among those mentioned especially for the critical office of Secretary to the Government of the Federation. For sure, she has seen much, and has arguably seen all, about Nigeria, her people, their politics, cultures, preferences, sensibilities, the national process and nationhood.

From the classroom to a local government councillor, and later commissioner and member of the state executive council, she made a steady and ideal growth and process along the rungs of public administration; and to that extent quite familiar with public policy and its workability under different colours of government and political systems; and by now has consolidated the workings of public administration to a point of providing a rallying point for popular support, understanding, cooperation, and mass participation of the people to enable government deliver on its mandate.

As a candidate that all of nature, time, and space have veritably cut for the job of chief scribe o the federal government, Tallen has a thorough background of an executive person who understands how to service the engine room of the implementation of government policies and programmes. A former Minister of the Federal Republic, and one-time deputy governor, Tallen , unarguably boasts of uncommon trajectory and pedigree that runs from the local government to the State to the Federal level, with sufficient local and international exposure for vital contacts and collaboration.

In spite of her prominent standing in the crowd of deserving and qualified persons for the exalted office, Tallen is again favoured by time and circumstance, given this Government’s disposition to improve and expand the opportunity for gender equity, so that more women can participate in governance, especially at the very critical, visible, and managerial level.

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