Unqualified Teachers Portend Great Danger To Primary Education -Education Secretary By Rabiu Omaku,Lafia

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Stakeholders in the education sector has attributed the presence of unqualified teachers in primary schools as a major constraint militating against the dwindling of the  nation’s education, The Education secretary of Doma Local Government Nasarawa state has reveal.
The newly appointed E.S, Bilyaminu Abubakar gave the hint in an interview with Journalist in his office recently.
He said the existence of unqualified teachers in primary schools will continue to potent great peril to primary education been the cradle of education.
“Teaching has been relegated to the background due to the situation we found ourselves “He further stated that majority of teachers in primary schools are administrative staff lacking the basic teaching skills.
The education secretary opined that he will relent in the redeployment of administrative staff to offices instead of remaining in classrooms causing havoc to the system.
I will not hesitate to the posting of people without basic education background teaching in classroom back to offices “He however added.
The education secretary called for an affirmative action to be taken towards the advancement of primary education, saying the contributions and support of stakeholders in the rejuvenation of the education sector from collapsing remain the major loopholes.
Bilyaminu Abubakar opined that he will accord impetus to the training and retraining of teachers, He in addition reiterated that the training and retraining of teachers will go a long way in boasting the morale of teachers.
“Our hands are tied because we can’t disengaged unqualified teachers in our midst  instead we will enhance their educational background”.
“The cardinal goal of teaching profession has been thrown to the dogs”, said the education secretary.
Saying his office will corroborate the Nasarawa State Universal Basic Education Board (NSUBEB) towards the training and retraining of teachers for optimum result, He maintained.
He listed some of the hiccups of primary schools to ineptitude by staffers of primary schools, Abubakar read riot act to all erring teachers to be steadfast or face sanction, appealing to primary school teachers to give him all their unflinching support for him to succeed in steering the affairs of his office.
The education secretary also promise to chart a new course for primary education by cueing into the transformation agenda of Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, He advice the state Government to provide all the needed facilities to primary schools.
The provision of learning material like chalk, continues assessment, black board, chairs if made available will complement the free primary education introduce by the incumbent regime, He said.

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