The Fanatic And Misprision Of President Buhari’s Administration

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To whom much is given, much more is expected; trust, sacrifice, hope, endurance were all embedded in us since 2003 right up to the memorable victory in 2015.


We worked hard to ensure the victory of this administration, with the belief that all the hardship would be a thing of past and have a better life. Yet a lot of difficulties we are still undergoing, had it been this government didn’t emerge we would have been assuming that Nigeria would have been better than London by now.


All the political taboos and misplacement of priorities of the previous government are being repeated by this current administration and that of the current government seems to be overtaking that of the previous. Hunger, poverty, asperity are the basic achievements of this administration.


Sometimes I pause to ask this question is he, PMB in charge of this Administration based on his confessions like he always claims that he is unaware of who stole the 2016_Budget, he never knew his Chief of Staff was in NNPC Board, he never knew that dead people were in the Board  Appointment list he signed, he never knew that Maina was reinstated, he never knew that his Government was still running the ‘Oil Subsidy’ scheme, he did not even know that Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau and Benue States have been experiencing unrests, he never knew IGP Idris flaunted his directives and left Benue same day.


Yet, some people can’t reason and remind him of his oath of office to protect lives and properties; all that satisfies their selfish interest is he being in the office until 2023.


The president has not settled in one place to focus and address the problems facing this country. He prefers gallivanting from one place to another implied seeking reelection.


During the Nyanya bomb blast former President was in Kano dancing to seek votes and PMB, when Dapchi children were abducted in Yobe was in Kano attending the Wedding of the Governor’s Daughter alongside with 22 Governors; where is the change we voted for?


Nigeria continues to be back Economically, Politically, Developmentally, Educationally, health, as there is no improvement in the health sector even the president’s son cannot be treated here likewise the president when he is sick.


As for the children of nobody like me, when such illnesses happen to me who can take care of my bills.


The Government I so much believed and worked for has failed in providing such services to us because they and their families don’t patronize the medical services here, yet they expect us to thronged at the polling unit and give them another huge vote.


The political system of the country is gradually moving from democracy to dictatorship.


A Government where the recent policy of the INEC is not to sale form for any person having case in the EFCC, ICPC, SSS, NPF and other related crime agencies this shows that they are only trying to silence the opposition because the anti-corruption crude of this administration is a fallacy, let the fight start from Home let it not be selective where APC remained exception or hiding point.


We expected Buhari to be a revolutionary leader that will salvage and take us to the promised land, but his administration lacks all it takes to move Nigeria to the next level as it is made up of selfish and self-centered individuals who think of nothing but their own personal interests and gains.


As a former head of state with lots of working experience in the military and the political arena, he should fix these bedeviling factors affecting the country without wasting much of time, anything that would bring succor to the common man not to worsen the situation of the country as we are seeing today.


Nigerians citizens remain committed to the growth and development of the country. We deserved much because we give all it entails to bring the Government.


Haroon Yusuf Abba

From Jos

[email protected]


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