Gov Simon Lalong And The Second Tenure Bid…

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I write with the utmost sense of patriotism and total Commitment to the change mantra and development. Change we were promised but worse situation has metamorphosed.


As the 2019 General elections approach. It is of paramount importance to analyzed and go back to the drawing board; check how far we have gone after the 2015 General election, the pleas that were made before the masses before the 2015 general election to cast their vote for change.


The Aftermath of all this hardship is frustration of which the masses can’t benefit any fruit of good governance. The Roadmap to peace is a fallacy as many local government are still experiencing unrests, facing different kind of tribal clashes which is still claiming the lives and prosperities of the citizens, the most peace achieved was celebrated by Carnivals, music and inviting celebrity to the town and cities of the state this are misplaced of priorities and waste of resources and yet the government claim there was no enough peace and security to conduct local government election across the state which shows the relative peace propagation is deception.


The Government of today is doing its possible best to generate revenue from the common man and squander it on things that didn’t affect the wellbeing of the people.


The infrastructure we are seeing today were all initiated by the previous administration of which the present administration has not started and completed any standard project in the state. Most of its projects are low level standard as we see within Jos north and other places.


The political drum of 2019 remains very hot and monumental as it is like a pregnant Woman whom only God knows what it conceives, but history is decently about to repeat itself as the cases of where one tenure is enough for the non performing Governor in some states we have seen.


The Dalung (Hon minister of youths and sport) rise a very serious issues which is very Paramount to start asking question for the betterment of Plateau state, I implored him to continued exposing the dirty act of the state of our government so as to keep citizens aware of the happening in the state. May they never negotiate because that is the only way if there is strong opposition it will keep the second party active?


The plateau project remains a scam towards 2019 as there is no tangible project on ground neither the welfarism of the Masses, the administration remains a money making venture.


To this extent I pray the Gov. Lalong we pray and hope prior to 2015 to salvage the state for some kind of bedevilling factors would act immensely to deliver the true rescue mission we are promised for.


A lot of people are frustrated because the Government cannot performed as it promised , and many people around the Governor are not Accommodative ,the Communication gap is too wide.


Is not too late to correct the wrong doing of this administration before the 2019 coming election is left for to show his full commitment and passion to lead us to the promised land.


By Haroon Yusuf Abba

From Jos

[email protected]

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