Stakeholders In Keana Expresses Worry Over The Disappearance Of Keana Salt In Nasarawa Markets

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Rabiu Omaku

An elderly statesman in Keana Chiefdom, Elder Joseph Ogoshi Osheka has appealed to the Federal Government to as matter of urgency to revisit the neglected Keana Salt.


Osheka disclosed this when selected Journalists visited him at Keana, the headquarters of Keana Local Government, he expressed grief over the neglected Keana Salt which he said was as old as Akyana, the original seat of what is now Keana.


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He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to join words with action so as to revived the dying Keana Salt, saying the then President Olusegun Obasanjo has made a frantic effort towards rejuvenating Keana salt village by constructing a large reservoir which will be put into use during rainy season.


Osheka said the reservoir was meant to save the salt water which he maintained that is a bit scares during wet season.


The Sarkin Gishirin Keana,  Usman Agidi (Osikigu) taking Journalists round Akyana, the salt village which was a meters away from the town identified inaction of Government at the Federal and State level for dearth of locally made salt from Keana.


He also decried over the sudden disappearance of Keana Salt from Nasarawa Markets.


He further attributed the disappearance of the local salt to the neglect of salt production by youngsters.


“Salt production was only left for the age in Keana,and this affect process”, as he called on the younger generation to embrace the trade.


“We have less production in wet season because of the inflow of water into the salt pond”


Adding that the community during dry season drain water from the pond to give way for more production of the local salt which he averred that all the raw material are gotten within the same environment.


“We got the salt water from the pond and the sand within the environment is the second raw material “he added.


“He however maintained that the Local salt which replaced the use of ashes was also used to cure stomach ache.

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