In Spite of Gov. Lalong’s Mismanagement, Bad Governance, No Development, You Have Refused To Talk,  Plateau Youths Berate Director Of Press, Emmanuel Nanle

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Yakubu Busari

Plateau youths have expressed disappointment with with the attitude of the Director of Press and public affairs to the Governor of plateau, Emmanuel Nanle for not living up to the trust reposed in him by the youths of the state.

In open letter written to Emmanuel Nanle, and post on the state’s social media outfit Movement for the protector of Plateau Heritage and copied to our correspondent, the writer, by Prince Mado Mado said, “Two years ago the name Emma Nanle came to the ears of many plateau people, we all loved and praised him because against all odds he stood for the truth went on media houses and spoke against the last administration, demanding fairness in government dealings and governance. He spoke out and made it clear and exposed last administration and some Of us plateau youths concur and look up to him,  he advocated for a change in government and plateau youths heard his words and we followed the change mantra and brought in the Lalong administration into power.

“But after two years and months, today with all the mismanagement, and the lack of development and visibility of bad governance exhibited by this current administration which he is a part of, I wonder why he is not talking?

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“Leaves me these questions to ask

“Does that mean last two years ago he was speaking to gain political appointment?

“Was he a patriotic plateau man who wants good governance for plateau or was he doing all he did for personal gains?

“Is he benefiting from that is happening today in this current administration?

“I will demand that Emma Nanle should come out as he did last two years and criticize this current government for all the outright mismanagement and lack of development from a government which he contributed in convincing plateau people and youths especially to vote in.  Because the change that plateau people advocated and voted for is not what we are seeing. No developmental blueprints only theft and self-enrichment that is laudable and clear to the plateau people. I will sincerely request Emma Nanle to come and tell us the truth regarding this government because in a 21st century world all we hear is salary payment as achievements. Let him come out as man of integrity that we all use to know or we now know it’s was just for political and personal gains”.

In the meantime, various respondents to the post concur that the post is timely suggesting name callings to the integrity of the Emma Nanle.

Meanwhile, Director of press in his response said; “simple response I will not engage in an open street justification of myself because my life has been governed by the validation of my faith, my conscience and work.

This certainly resides way above the vilification of paid drummers of a political enterprise that my name and place in the Lalong Administration remains a threat to their inordinate ambition.

I remain convinced that the Lalong project and my extension has since provided and is still providing the opportunity for all Plateau people to have a say in a plateau that belongs to all.

The liberty that the likes of the proponents of this current campaign have is the victory of the Lalong project and I dare to say the plateau project that all people of conscience joined to check impunity and the enthronement of hegemony and an ethnic consciousness that would have buried once and for all, the time tested Plateau heritage.

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