We Will Force President Buhari To Contest In 2019 For Continuation Of Good Governance– Alh Pasali

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Yakubu Busari

The National Chairman of the group President Buhari reelection campaign bid in 2019 under the All Progressive Congress (APC), Alh Danladi Pasali has unveiled plan saying that they are soliciting the cooperation of the President to continue with the good works he is doing.

According to him, the administration has done tremendously well in the area of managing the economic and financial situation of Nigeria since it started in 2015.

Addressing some session of Journalists at his residence in Jos Local Government Council, Alhaji Pasali said 5% out of 95% have siphoned the resources of Nigeria.

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He told the media that 16 years of People Democratic Party PDP rules was wasted years of diversion and maladministration under their regime, as the country witnessed monumental underdevelopment.

Alh Pasali emphasized that about three years under the APC government the non-oil sector now drives the economy of Nigeria where civil servants can enjoy uninterrupted salary payment in spite of the internal crisis.

He pointed out the APC government transformation agenda is gradually yielding positive results as rural farmers can now access fertilizer at cheaper rates and some are building houses to themselves courtesy of the present regime.

Pasali reiterated that the health of Mr. President will not hinder him from contesting for the forthcoming presidential race because nobody is responsible for the wellbeing of another person.

He lamented that the rate of poverty in which is mostly caused by 5% of greedy politicians who have looted the treasury of Nigeria leaving about 95% walloping in abject poverty is regrettable.

The diversification of the non-oil sector has continued to improve drastically as  the economic base of Nigeria when  federal government saved enough money to reposition the country ,he said.

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