Some workers Tendered their Resignation —chairman Doma Local Government Unveiled By Rabiu Omaku, Lafia

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Honorable Henry Omaku,The executive chairman of Doma Local Government of Nasarawa state has unveiled that the ongoing screening exercise organized by his reign was not meant to witch-hunt workers as insinuated by people in the locality but rather to sanitized the unpleasant system.
The chairman stated this in an interview with selected journalist in his office, He said the ongoing screening of staff is a welcome development as the Local Government is concerned, He however bolstered that the exercise was for the betterment of the council.

Henry Omaku disclosed that the screening was a complete success, “some workers tendered their resignation from the service of the Local Government, He Added that the salary of those that tendered their resignation will be channeled to other meaningful ways.
“We are ready to cleanse the system which was rotten, a system that was bedeviled by ineptitude as single person holding two appointments at a time or somebody was in Abuja and was in the schedule of Local Government, A single person holding double appointment is against the civil service rules”By the time you as the chairman was in office you discovered that offices are empty”.
“The only way for us to expunge doubt in the mind of people in the locality about the existence of ghost workers is to set-up a high-power committee to trawl out such category of workforce, ’what we are doing is to set a standard by leaving behind an indelible mark for others to copy”.
The chairman debunked the rumor making that chunk amount of money was released by the state Government to council chairmen to execute projects, ’No penny was released to us to execute projects barely two months in office, Said Henry Omaku.
Speaking on who to enhanced the lean resource of the Local Government, The chairman said the council has set-up a committee on Revenue collection, He said fervent attention will be accorded  Internally Generated Revenue  so as to augment the meager resource.
“Last month we generated N200, 000 from the sales of indigent forms money that were not accounted for in the previous administration, Those money developed annexes in the sparkled of an eye”.
When asked on his plans for the Local Government, The chairman promise to give the Local Government a facelift soon, “come back to Doma next month and see for yourself what we can do best for the progress of our dear Local Government.
Commenting on the liability inherited he averred his administration will come up with a modality to wrestle the gruesome situation which lackluster the council aback, assuring that his regime is on top of the state of affairs.
Honorable Henry Omaku appealed to youth in Doma Local Government and the state as a whole to eschew skirmish and any act capable of causing disharmony in the state describing peace as a catalyst for rapid and even development.

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