Shocking Discovery of a School with No single Physics Teacher For Five Years In Kaduna State

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Douglas Garba Sabo

timthumbIt is no longer News that the past administration of the like of GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan And Muktar Ramalan Yero as the immediate passed Governor of Kaduna State has succeeded in leaving so many sorrowful memories which ranges from Insecurity, Corruption, insincerity of purpose among other things.

Today being Thursday 29th October 2015, the Honorable for Education Science and Technology Dr. Shehu Usman Adamu has decided to pay a particular secondary school an unannounced visit and what he discovered is shocking. According to the Commissioner, The Particular Secondary School is GSS Katari which was established many years ago in order to serve the community of Katari.

But today when I asked some basic questions in the school, I have made some discoveries among which are the facts that the school has been without a physics teacher for good Five Years. This is a sorry situation that this new administration cannot afford to allow, He further stated.

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Looking at this discovery, one can go on to belief that there may be a lot of other schools yet to be visited by the New commissioner, and those schools might have more sorry situations than that of GSS Kateri.

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