Your Sacking Of Council Chairmen Is Just Your Political Gimmicks PDP Tells Lalong

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Yakubu Busari

The Peoples Democratic Party in Plateau State has described the recent sacking of council Chairmen across the 17 Local Governments as dangerous to political politics and fresh gimmicks to detract people’s attention by the State Government.

In a press statement signed by Sir J . T .Akans the state publicity secretary and made available to this medium in Jos on Friday, the statement said;  “PDP wishes to state unequivocally that the sacking of the Transition Committees of the 17 LGAs by the state governor is nothing but another retrogressive tactics to further delay the local government elections.”

“This is an anti-climax to the rising expectation of the generality of the people of Plateau to hear that an election date has been fixed and announced to finally decide who will represent them at that critical level of governance. This decision adds nothing of democratic value to this ill-fated and crassly incompetent APC administration,” the Statement reads in part.

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According to the PDP, “Be that as it may, this sacking of an otherwise illegal and unconstitutional contraption called Transition Management Committee, coming just after the uneventful second year anniversary of APC should also rightly be seen as a just pronouncement on the non-performance of the entire Lalong administration. The people are simply waiting to return this same verdict on Governor Lalong for taking them for a ride for two full years.”

“It is also of interest that the governor’s action is coming up exactly one week after PDP’S massive, crowd-pulling gathering to receive new members led by Mr. Chris Musa Giwa.

“The government must have been sufficiently perplexed and thrown into feverish panic that an opposition party can be this robust, attractive, authentic and active. The reason is simple: PLATEAU IS STILL PDP and PDP is PLATEAU. PDP and the good people of Plateau are more than prepared for local government elections. And it is our fervent expectation that the state electoral umpire, PLASIEC will be transparent and credible in the process rather than taking the path of dishonour by the APC government.”

Speaking further he said the PDP said; “Nevertheless,  we also give the word of caution that, together with the patriotic people of Plateau State,  the PDP will resist any manipulative tendencies on the part of the Commission.

The statement further stated that; “PDP wants you to know for sure that our eyes are on you; our ears are attentive to your conversations,  and we will at the right time expose fully what is currently being sown in secret. The just expectations of our people will not be short-circuited. The electorates are now better enlightened on how some desperate politicians are planning to use their privileged positions to undermine the electoral process, thereby putting our democracy at a needless peril.”

“PDP remains the viable option in the governance of Plateau State,” the party said.

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