The Role Of Government In Entrepreneurship

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Government is a human organization which existed for the maintenance of cohesion and order in a country. On the other hand, entrepreneurship which could be formal or informal, serves as one of the major instruments of government for inculcating in the people especially youths, the norms, mores, and other behavioral pattern that are necessary for the survival of the people as a nation. Consequently, the role of development is significant and ever-present in human society.

In traditional societies whose entrepreneurship is informal and collective responsibility of the people, self-reliance, and the government ensures that the youth are fully empowered and integrated into the culture of v. the government in such society may not be financially involved in curriculum planning and implementation in the modern sense of empowerment. The role of government no people especially youths for antisocial behavior.

The role of government in contemporary society is more pervasive and more significant than in a traditional face-to-face community. Government participation in entrepreneurship may range from curriculum design and innovation, provision of control of men and materials. The Nigerian Government, for instance prepares the entrepreneurship policy to be followed. The new entrepreneurial policy in Nigeria. Known as “Youwin Connect” is now superstructure in Nigerian entrepreneurship.

It is the government that defines the role of parent and other agents of socialization in entrepreneurship. Otherwise Nigerian Government by the Youwin Connect provides more grants opportunities to Nigerians.

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Some enterprises involve a lot of capitals and therefore government plays a dominant role in the funding of start-ups. The Nigerian government, for examples, provides the basic funding infrastructure such as Bank of Industry, entrepreneur development Centre  (EDC) and a lot of funding start-ups capital.

Another major area where the influence of the government is felt in entrepreneurship is personnel. It is the government that recruits the right caliber of staffs to implement its entrepreneurial programs. Indeed the Nigerian government set up such agencies like SMEDAN, ESME, BOI and BOA. Those agencies are responsible for fund allocation for grants and loans through its supervision.

Furthermore, to ensure that qualified entrepreneurs are on the job the government carries out staffs development programs through in-service training programs in the form of seminars, workshops and bursary awards for full-time studies in tertiary institutions to deserving staffs.


It’s a common knowledge that whoever hires the proper staffs dictates the tune. By the same token, entrepreneurship is the brainchild of the government. Entrepreneurship has no mind or will: its mind is that of the government therefore the government must always give entrepreneurship its shape and color. Entrepreneurship has always been and will ever remain, the instrument of the government and this means that the government must continue to play a dominant role to nurture entrepreneurship.

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