Gov. Abubakar’s Words And Actions Alterity

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Wonders never end in Bauchi State. As the majority of civil servants in the state are jubilating the early unexpected payment of the month of May, 2017 salaries by His Excellency Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, many of them thought that it might be the end of seeing the delay salaries of 35-40 days in the state. Yes, of course, the governor managed to fulfill the promises he made at this juncture where he said every civil servant will have his salary before the first day of the month of Ramadan. That was done undoubtful.

But on the other hand round, the retired civil servants (Pensioners) are thrown into a dreadful and confused situation of the highest magnitude for not being paid a single Kobo of their pension allowances of the said month. Being in the month of Ramadan, it is not easy for any house hold especially those observing fasting to survive an empty pocketed life. Some of these victims turn to street beggars. While some looks deserted, lunatic roaming the streets in worn-out dresses like the remains of a battlefield.

Similarly, somewhere around September 2016, Governor Abubakar dethroned a great number of village heads due to what he called necessity as he sought no reason to spend the money of the state unnecessarily. Some months back after receiving the huge amount of the bailout, governor Abubakar maintained that he will not use the money to settle workers but directed it towards capital projects shouldering the huge debts of gratuities of the retired civil servants.

Unfortunately, on the early hours of Tuesday 6th June, 2017 the news that the governor ordered the purchase of horses worth Ninety Six Million Naira (₦96 Million) run over some of the national dailies and other social media platforms. Those horses meant to be distributed to the entire six Emirates in the state which included; Bauchi, Dass, Jama’are, Misau, Katagum and Ningi. To a layman understand, if to say each of the six Emirate council will get 10 horses, the price of each horse will amount to one Million six Hundred Thousand Naira (₦1,600,000). What can we call this if not waste of the state’s resources.

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My candid advice to the governor is to fear Allah and remember that we are in the Holy month of Ramadan which every Muslim is struggling to attain more forgiveness, mercy and blessings from Allah. Do all the possibilities to settle the debts which pensioners are owing the state so that they continue surviving their normal life. May Allah give you the wisdom and courage to do so within a shortest possible time, Ameen.

God Bless APC!

God Bless Bauchi State!!

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!



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