Compulsory Entrepreneurship Should Be Encouraged In Nigeria

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Innovation and entrepreneurship should be encouraged in Nigeria because entrepreneurship is the foundation stone of the other level of formal human survival and it’s therefore the springboard to economic and social advancement. No nation can meet the challenges of the modern world of science and technology without entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship of the youth begins at primary level, since most families do not have the opportunity of training their kids into entrepreneurship, therefore entrepreneurship should be encourage in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are quite indispensable in the life of the youth. It’s in the entrepreneurship that youths learn to associate, connect and network with the members of his peer group other than his members of immediate home and family environment. He is exposed to learning situation in which the agent of instructions are global leaders who may not be related to him. It is in this way that the youth learns to explore his ideas and to associate with others also this helps him to develop appropriate adoptive behaviors in later life. The entrepreneurship must be seeing as important agent of socialization. Therefore, to deprive youth of experience of entrepreneurship is to make him a social misfit.

Innovation and entrepreneurship provide most Nigerian youths with the first formal contact with formal education. It is in entrepreneurship youths learn to trade and invest. He is exposed to the various business ideas which help him to sharpen his intellect and shape his aptitude. To deny a youth the right to entrepreneurship is to deny him the right to survival.

The constitution of Nigeria provides that every citizen has the right to be part of entrepreneurship. The nation cannot operate an authentic constitution is certain constitutional provisions are recklessly contradicted. Making entrepreneurship optional for Nigerian youths is to condoned.  The youth of today is the elder of tomorrow. The entrepreneurship of Nigerian youths which must begin at the primary and secondary level is the country’s only hope for social and economic emancipation. If Nigeria must perform the leadership which the African continent expects from her certainly, entrepreneurship subject must be made compulsory for all her students.

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By Mohammad Bukar


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